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Welcome to Age of Valor! We are an Ultima Online free shard that has been running since 2006 featuring lot of advanced custom content. We originally decided to shut down in 2012 but due to popular demand we have reopened! (as of February 2015).

Server host is, port 1337. See connection instructions here.

Event ::  Nov 21 2015 8:49:09 pm  -  Thanksgiving 2015
Greetings AOV!

The turkeys and giant turkeys have been spotted in Ilshenar! Help rid the lands of these voracious birds.

This event will run between November 21, 2015 - The day the Christmas Event is launched (ETA December)

Please report any issues or concerns you may have and we will do our best to address them.

There are 5 different kinds of turkeys

Lesser Turkey
These smaller turkeys show "a turkey" above their names. They don't have much health and are not much of a threat. These are the most common of all the turkeys. You may be able to find bronze and silver roulette tokens on their corpses.

Turkey Leader
Beware! These turkeys look just like the lesser turkeys, that is, until they are killed. These turkeys will burst into multiple copies of themselves, posing more of a threat than lesser turkeys. You can quickly get overrun if you aren't careful. These turkeys can also drop bronze and silver roulette tokens on their corpse with a better success rate than the lesser turkeys. They also have more loot on their corpses.

Giant Turkey
These giant turkeys are the strongest of the regular turkeys in the turkey clan. They have a lot of health and are strong fighters. Killing one will always reward a roulette token or horn of plenty (goes directly in your pack). Tokens range in rarity from the bronze token to the highly valuable platinum token!

Turkey Minion
An annoying minion summoned by Grosse Giblet's eggs. Although these are relatively weak, they do have a pecking ability that can cause continuous damage, disrupting spell casting.

Grosse Giblets the Huge
The big boss of all the turkeys! This turkey is no joke. Grosse Giblets have tons of health and nasty abilities. It will take a long time to take one of these down but you can get some unique rewards from it:

Special Drops (Off Grosse Giblet. Horn of Plenty also drops on Giant Turkeys)

Abominable Wishbone:
A scepter with spell channeling (no penalty), faster casting 1, mage weapon -0 and weapon damage 35%

Tuft of Feathers:
A wooden kite shield with spell challenging (no penalty), defense chance increase 5%, lower requirements 100%, reflect physical damage 5% and 15% physical resist

Horn of Plenty:
A decorative lockdown themed for Thanksgiving. Locking it down in your house and double clicking it will give you all kinds of edibles such as ears of corn, french bread, squash, pumpkins and a cooked bird.

Gravy Boat:
A boat shaped vessel to hold your gravy!
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News ::  Nov 02 2015 4:41:31 pm  -  Web server latency issues [solved]
There is a fibre cut in Montreal that is being worked on right now. As you noticed the site is very slow and in some cases wont load. The shard itself is unaffected, however since DNS is hosted on this server you may run into name resolution issues.

For now, if you connect to for the shard you will connect as normal. The shard may show as down in the status, but that is because UO Gateway is hosted on the server that is experiencing issues.
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Event ::  Oct 20 2015 6:14:18 pm  -  Halloween 2015
Greetings AOV!

Wormwood is once again accessible to players for the Halloween season from October 20, 2015 - November 20, 2015.

You can find white event gates to the Halloween event at various towns.

This is the same event from Halloween 2011 that many players did not get to experience. It is the largest seasonal event on AOV.

Please report any issues or concerns you may have and we will do our best to address them.

Over 30 quests to take part in for unique rewards!

Candy Collection
Collect candy from completing quests. Candy can be eaten, put down in your house as decoration, or used in quests for better rewards!

Costume Collection
Collect toadstools for Grunilda to help her decorate her house. Turn in enough toadstools and claim a costume as a prize!

Frog Quest
Can you find Helga's 5 missing frogs? Grab a shrinking staff and set out to find them. Maybe some of the other witches and warlocks can provide you with hints to their location.

Hint Scrolls
Some quests will reward you hint scrolls. In addition to providing you with some useful knowledge and tips, some provide you with a bonus against boss abilities or allow you to access new locations!


Complete certain quests to gain haunted house keys as a reward. These keys will allow you infinite access to fight the following bosses (Bosses respawn approximately every 15 minutes once killed).

Bosses will always drop one of the following, provided you have done enough damage for loot rights:

60% Chance to drop a special toadstool for Grunilda's costume collection
20% Chance to drop a special Halloween colored dye (Boss specific)
15% Chance to drop special Halloween decor (Boss specific)
5% Chance to drop an artifact from the Conjurer's set (Boss specific)

Ethel the Deranged Witch

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Green Dye (5 Charges)
- Black Cat Statuette, Halloween Ghoul Statuette or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Grimoire (Spellbook: Undead Slayer, Magery +15, INT 8, SDI 15, LMC 10)

Pumpkin King

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Orange Dye (5 Charges)
- Carved Pumpkin or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Trinket (Talisman: Undead Slayer, STR 1, HPR 2, HCI 10, DI 20)

Herpekitus the Plant Monster

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Red Dye (5 Charges)
- Dark Tree or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Garb (Robe: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)

Sorceress of the Night

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Purple Dye (5 Charges)
- Ruined Tapestry, Pumpkin Scarecrow or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Sandals (Sandals: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)

Malevolent the Reaper

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Black Dye (5 Charges)
- Grim Warning, Skulls on a Pike or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Sash (Sash: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)
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News ::  Sep 01 2015 8:14:32 pm  -  Firewall Upgrade [completed]
Doing an upgrade to the firewall, I jumped the gun on the "update" button without even realizing it probably has to reboot after. Embarassed

The upgrade is happening right now, it may cause random network interruptions. There's a slight possibility the shard will have to be rebooted as well if the IP changes. Will update this thread once done.
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In progress ::  Aug 11 2015 2:54:15 am  -  Updating shard to support latest client [postponed]
I'm in the very early stages of looking into what it takes to get the shard updated so the latest client can work. This will hopefully make it easier to get new players to join. I can't say how hard or easy it will be to do, I'm hoping it's just a few packet changes and done.

Just thought I'd post this as a heads up, since once I push that update you will need to patch. I will make a separate post once that update goes through though. It may go in with other content as well depending on how long it takes to make this change.
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News ::  Aug 03 2015 1:49:09 am  -  Donation System Working
The donation system should now be working. I have tested it myself with a secondary Paypal account (you are allowed to have a business + personal account) and it seems to work great.

If you do try it out please post here or PM me so I can verify that the process went through. When you donate, you should get a message in game within 10 minutes. You can either use the donation stone to donate (opens browser) or go directly to the donate page on the site and enter your account. I kept the notice up that it's in testing as I just don't want someone to donate without having read this first. Once I get a couple test donations and see that for sure it's working I'll remove that notice.

As a side note I had to make an update to the shard code as well since I realized pennies were not being accounted for, so if you were to make a 50 cent donation for example, you would get 0 points, not 50. I changed to code so that instead of giving a certain amount of points per dollar it's a certain amount per penny. 1 point per penny to be exact. So $1.25 would give you 125 points. So this change is why the server just got restarted.

Now that this is working we may also look into adding more items over time, and we are open to suggestions.

I also want to make it clear that this is NOT a store, but simply a gift as a thank you for donating. This means that from a legal standpoint we are not obligated to give you this gift for your donation. (ex: server issue) In all reality if for whatever reason you don't get it we will look into it of course.
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News ::  Jul 30 2015 6:22:00 pm  -  Potential Shard Revert - Guilds did not save correctly.
I really hate to do this, I always promised it's something I would never do, but for some reason all guilds have been corrupted. They are completely gone. I will experiment in the test environment with backups to see if they return. If yes I may have to revert to that version of the backup. Very sorry to have to do this but I'm sure it's better that then everyone loosing their guilds.

I will update this with plans once I figure out what is going on.
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News ::  Jul 27 2015 10:49:28 pm  -  Scheduled Server Maintenance: July 28 2015 @ 11:59pm ET
I will be taking down the server for some required preventative maintenance. I also need to make a firewall change on the database server which could threaten the SQL connectivity so I will do that at the same time while shard is down. Basically I need to image the shard server and DB server so that in the event of a catastrophic failure I have a base working OS to go on and only need to restore data.

This downtime will last about 1 to 2 hours. I will post here and broadcast in game when I'm about ready to start.

I am going around my entire network doing this type of maintenance as it is overdue and the shard will be last.

Note: Time was previously 3pm, It has been postponed to midnight.
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News ::  Jul 27 2015 12:33:58 am  -  Forum registration broken [fixed]
Note that for some reason the captcha code has stopped working. I will be looking into this to rectify it as soon as possible.

If you are trying to register just keep checking until we fix it. We are still working on getting the new forum going but that will be a bit longer till we do the full migration.
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News ::  Jul 22 2015 12:09:19 am  -  The great IDOCs of 2015
This is a reminder that in the next month or so any houses that have not been refreshed since the reopening of the shard will more than likely start going IDOC.

I am going to guess it will start a few days into August, but due to the randomness of the system I cannot tell for sure. They will not all go at same time as they were originally randomized in a range of 10 days, and the actual IDOC timer is random to some degree as well. This should hopefully give enough opportunity to catch some as they will fall at different time zones.

This is also a great opportunity for newer players to find some gear.
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