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Welcome to Age of Valor, an Ultima Online free shard. After over 5 years of strong running, we have decided to close the shard. The site will remain for historical purposes and there are no immediate plans to close or change it, but the shard itself is offline as of June 2, 2012. We thank everyone who has played and made the shard what it was. The fun times will be remembered forever.

There is the slight possibility that Age of Valor is revived under another game, but there are no plans at this point.

News ::  Nov 02 2014 7:45:22 pm  -  Potentially going to reopen the server [ETA mid Feb 2015]
There has been a lot of demand in the past while to bring the server back up. While I am not promising anything and I don't want to get everyone's hopes up, I just wanted to make a more official statement that we WILL look into it.

We would probably bring it back up as it was when it closed, which means you'd get your accounts/chars back.

However, the development rate would most likely be near zero. We'd look at fixing any major bugs and such, but would not be working on the shard full time like we used to.

It could be a few months before it actually happens though as I have a few other projects that will be taking priority. I recently moved my web server to a new box and there is some stuff I need to fix such as a few broken sites/systems as well as rewrite the entire Uogateway poller as it wont compile on the new server, that one is fairly pressing as Uogateway is essentially not working right now.
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News ::  Sep 05 2014 2:33:51 am  -  Forum migration
I am debating on the possibility of migrating this forum to in an archive section. I was going to keep it here as is as an archive but the issue is there seems to be lot of exploits for phpbb and I just want to play it safe and keep it on something that I will be able to manage centrally.

I will most likely import all the accounts to this new forum as well and you will be able to post in all forums and keep and touch and what not.

My end goal is to combine all forums that I manage into a single one as it will just be easier to manage and I can put more time into it without neglecting another.

Once this is done along with a revamp of I will probably start on some more serious projects.

The small possibility of a minecraft like MMO game is still on the table, just no immediate plans yet.
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News ::  Nov 08 2012 3:04:50 pm  -  Age of Valor - SOURCE CODE RELEASE
This is the entire package required to run Age of Valor, and it is released "AS IS" with no support or liabilities. You may use it as is if you wish or look at code to strip out certain custom features.

It is mostly released for those curious to see some of the changes we made over the years. I don't recommend to use this to start a shard, simply because there is newer stuff out there now. RunUO has made quite a lot of advancements since the shard was started and this is based off a very old version.

Download - 1,236,530,060 bytes (1.2GB)


Age of Valor Official Code Release - Nov 08 2012


Age of Valor was a custom shard founded around December of 2006 and ran till June 2 2012. It was a great time and we've made lot of friends, but sadly things just started to die. We fought to keep it online, but realized it was just more of a chore to keep up with EA, fix existing code/systems and overall was not as fun anymore. With that, we decided it was in our best interest to close down the shard.

I debated for a long time about releasing the code. Not because I don't want people to have access to it, but because there are tons of loose ends and unfinished code, and even duplicated stuff. It’s a mess. While the majority of our code (on top of existing RunUO code)’ is written by Death and myself (Red Squirrel) some of it does come from pre made packages such as Malganis’ ML and we were merging it with our own code. When things started to fall behind we started looking at packages more to at least give us a kick start. One of our major slow downs was a 6 month project that turned into a 2+ year project: converting the save system to MySQL. There was several revisions of this system made from scratch, and while our final one is stable, it took longer than anticipated to get to that point. By then, we were very behind and even RunUO had most of ML done. Lot of people were quitting our shard for other shards that had more updates. Having to fight with EA constantly changing packets also made things difficult as we were in the middle of a core change and not able to release the core in it's state. Long story short, things got to a point where we could not do a small update until the big one was ready. Things slowed down and by the time we did release our big update, it was just too late.


As mentioned this shard uses MySQL as it’s storage back end. A dedicated MySql server or VM is recommended for best performance. I never tested MySQL in Windows, only Linux, but I imagine it would be fine in Windows. RunUO itself was only tested and ran on windows server 2003 and the dependencies in the core/dependencies folder. I recommend this configuration as it was never tested in server 2008.

Note that it can be difficult to get this to work, whenever I would deploy a new test/dev/live environment I always had to fight with all the M$ dependencies. Every time I would wing it and play around and eventually things would work. If you get an error about the path not being valid or something to that extent (it's a different shade of red than standard RunUO errors) then you need to copy the MySql.Data.dll file somewhere, where somewhere is different each time. Try c:\windows, c:\windows\system32, c:\program files\ .net folder and it's parent folders etc... Instead of going on a wild goose chase I would often just copy it everywhere I can think. Eventually it works. Blame Microsoft for making it this silly and inconsistent. I should have converted all this to C++ while I was ahead, would solve a lot of these issues.

This package was last tested on client and chances are will not work without adding any packet changes EA has made since then. They have been very aggressive with this which is one of the things that kept holding us back as we were constantly having to fix and refix every time they updated. Speaking of clients, this shard was never designed to be backwards compatible with clients. This was by design. We much rather wanted people running the same version than having to support different old versions.

Notable features

Off the top of my head, these are some notable features one may want to look at stripping out for their own shard:

- Real time SQL save system. Every time any changes are made to the world, the object is put into a queue. This queue is processed at intervals of a few seconds and the new object is updated/written/deleted in the SQL database. At certain intervals (about a minute or so) a snapshot of the database is created. This is done at a time where the world is atomic (no pending changes). Should the server crash or be restarted, it will load from this snapshot. A restart forces an atomic save. (basically flushing the queue if any) When lot of changes occur at once, they start to queue. The queries are written in the same thread as the shard, to avoid access violations. The queries (in text) are executed in another thread. It is possible for things to backlog but it does not take long for it to catch up once things slow down again. During initial loading from the old file system, it would take about 15 minutes for the shard to be fully written to SQL. About 600k objects if I recall. When we originally released the update with the SQL engine, we were actually able to only have a downtime equivalent to a server restart/compile. It basically treated all the loaded objects as new, and then wrote them. Our next update included the SQL loader. I have to say this is one of our most successful updates we have ever done. Even EA has long periods of downtime for big updates.

(notable features continued)

- Fully custom peerless key system. This was coded with expandability in mind, and not just for ML. Could use a few modifications such as a "use in place" feature so the key is actually a non movable item in the game.

- "Duplicate" maps, useful for events, basically gives more land mass. This is simply done by adding new maps that use the OSI files. So it's like making another trammel but you can do it with Malas and so on.

- Custom event system. CTF and PVP tourney sub classes. System is expandable to add more types of events.

- Lot of custom bosses, some are pretty neat like Crystal elemental. This was part of a "demitel" boss system that was never really finished. It was basically a custom boss expansion pack, if you will. Demitel boss was going to be a very powerful and complex boss requiring lot of team work, and defeating the other bosses first for an item/key that brings you to the main boss.... you can be creative and do whatever if you want to use these or change them.

- Lot of small misc enhancements, such as a GM command to duplicate houses. Great when building large arenas or custom areas. Using houses means users do not need to download custom maps.

MUCH more small and big enhancements, and too many to remember/add here.

You can look in our patch forum to get an idea of changes made:


This is provided "as is" with no support. I will try to help where I can, but because this is a rather vast package, we cannot possibly remember everything we did and it's possible some things don't work out like they did for us... Windows stuff is like that. For game mechanics/system related support, look at the code, that's my best suggestion.

This package is geared more towards advanced users who don't mind fiddling around, taking things apart etc. Lot of our code depends on changes to top classes such as Mobile, PlayerMobile, BaseCreature etc so even ripping something out for your own shard may require to be aware of some of the changes we made, and going over some code and changing stuff to fit your own shard.

RunUO has made lot of advancements since we started and I would not recommend to start a new shard with this code. While it is fairly stable as far as crashes go, it is not the most up to date representation of UO and a lot of things could be done better, there are too many loose ends, duplicate stuff, and it's just not polished.


There's a few really weird bugs that surfaced near the end of the shard's life. The only one I can recall at the time of this writing is the fact that the [kill command only works when it wants. It's probably something very silly, perhaps even some test code somewhere I forgot to remove. There was a few other bugs which I can't recall.

With the SQL system there is also a bug where the whole system will lock up for a few seconds. My suspicion is that it's to do with the way the C# garbage collector works, and it just gets fragmented and needs to do a cleanup internally, and this cleanup is out of our control. If I recall, more ram makes the issue happen less often. We only had 2GB in our production environment, and 1GB in our test and dev.


I think I covered the most important stuff. I hope this is useful to you in some way or the other.

- Red Squirrel, owner/developer
- Death, developer
Official Age of Valor website. While the shard is dead, there are no plans to remove the forum or site so it may act as a good place to search for details on changes made and so on.
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News ::  Sep 06 2012 11:43:38 pm  -  AoV: Unreal Tournament 3 Server
This has been running for a bit, so thought I'd share for anyone who wants to play: (default port)

In UT3 main screen press F10 and type in "open" to connect.

It's of no particular theme, we add maps to it here and there, redirect works so if you don't have the map it will auto download. It's mostly running 24/7 so feel free to join in any time.

It's nothing really "official" so to speak, nothing crazy custom or anything, but there are a few custom map packs and what not.

Most game types are available such as CTF, VCTF, Deathmatch, Duel and warefare.
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News ::  Jul 04 2012 7:59:05 pm  -  Source code will possibly be available
I have been debating on making the source code available under GPL, and will probably do so. However there are some things I need to go through, and I still need to semi organize it into a package that is easy enough to deploy. Overall it will come "as is" but I want to ensure it can at least be installed as is and actually work. Then it's up to more advanced users to pick out the pieces they want for their own shards.

I have no scheduled date for this release, so please don't email me about it but when it is available it will be posted here and on RunUO, and possibly other places such as UO Gateway.

There's actually a few really weird bugs I want to fix since even though the shard is closed, it will bother me until I fix them. Razz
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News ::  May 14 2012 5:54:28 pm  -  Shard Closure [Closed June 2 2012]
We have been thinking this over for quite some time now, and it is with great sadness that we have decided to move on to different projects.

We have dedicated 5+ years of creating a unique shard that players would enjoy. The shard started off as a home away from home for the guild EVP off the UO Demise shard. As we played around with developing for the shard, our imaginations took off to create many unique additions.

Unfortunately, a lot has happened in 5 years. We have found ourselves unable to continue to support the shard. Many systems need to be recoded in order to catch up with the newest major additions (UOSA, UOHS). Being a competitive free shard with a team of only 2 developers is no easy task.

There have been many client changes that have been increasingly difficult to support with a customized core and there has been lack of funds to upgrade the infrastructure to prevent lag and slow downs.

Ultima Online was not initially developed by our team. There was always a constant struggle to develop with the tools we had. Although we often met the challenges head on, life has changed and we have other commitments now that we did not have before.

The shard will officially close its doors on June 2, 2012. The forum/site will remain online and there is no immediate plans to change or shut it down.

We would like to let players know that there was no single factor that impacted our decision to close the shard. It was a long time coming. We have tried our best to find ways to make things work but sometimes the best routes to take are the hardest to trek.

This project has been our passion for a long time and we've put a lot of work into the shard and the infrastructure that helped us develop it and manage it such as update scripts, backups, and so on.

We look back at when the shard first started, and throughout the path of its progress, there have been a lot of good times and great memories. It has been an honor and privilege to have experienced the joy of creating a unique experience that players could enjoy for free.

These experiences will be truly missed and will leave a nostalgic feeling inside. We would like to thank everyone who has played on the shard throughout this time and hope to see you all around the forum sometimes. We will be here.

We will most likely be making the shard's source code available to the public, through the RunUO site as GPL or from another source. The database will NOT BE released, however. This is for everyone's protection in case there may potentially be confidential information of some kind.

You can check out for another shard if you wish to continue playing UO. Perhaps you guys can get together and pick a common shard to go to, but it's your choice. We will leave that up to you.

In closing, thanks to all the players for their support these last 5 years. Although we must now move on with things, we would like to express our thanks for having played our shard. We wish you all the best in the future.

Signed the AOV Developers:
Red Squirrel and Death
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Event ::  Apr 08 2012 2:38:01 pm  -  Happy Easter! (Easter Event) Apr 7 - Apr 14
Happy Easter!

We hope everyone is having a good long weekend/holiday and that the weather has been enjoyable this spring.

To celebrate the season, we have launched an Easter Event on the server.

The event will run from April 7, 2012 to April 14, 2012

This year, Sosarians have discovered a strange talking squirrel in the city of Yew. This squirrel has been dancing around a yew squirrel statue claiming that he will become the next Easter bunny. How will he accomplish this? By collecting the highest number of eggs this year.

Unlike previous years where players collected eggs and received a pre-determined reward, this year players turn their eggs in for points which they can then redeem for a prize of their choosing. There are a few prizes which have been given out during previous years as well as unique prizes being handed out this Easter.

How do I participate in this event?

First, follow the trail of acorns from the Yew moongate in the Trammel facet. At the end of the trail, you will find the Springtime Squirrel and an array of pedestals with prizes as well as a squirrel statue.

Double click on the squirrel statue to take a look at the collection and the prizes. Once you have found some Easter eggs, you can return at any time during the event to make your donation.

Run around the main lands of Trammel looking for Easter eggs. They are vibrant colored eggs and will be found on the ground.

---Frequently Asked Questions---

What kind of prizes are there?

The prizes are displayed on the pedestals by the Springtime Squirrel. If you single click the actual pedestal, a message will pop up, giving you some more information on the item. Once you have found an item you like, donate your eggs and use up your accumulated points to purchase the item.

Are the eggs only found in Trammel?

Yes. This year the eggs can ONLY be found in the Trammel facet. A bit more details:

- The eggs can be found anywhere on the main land mass as well as in towns.

- The eggs WILL NOT spawn in dungeons, so do not waste time looking in any dungeons.

I've searched for hours and I haven't found a single egg

This can be due to many different scenarios. Here's a few tips:

- Hold down CTRL + SHIFT keys to pop up objects/items around you. If you notice a pop up that says 'smoke bomb' or has the word 'egg' in it, you may have possibly found an egg (Smoke bomb pops up initially as the Easter eggs use the same image. After a few seconds they will change names. Feel free to pick them up at any time though).

- Keep in mind that many other players are also searching for eggs. If you are searching in high traffic areas or in areas where players have already been, then the eggs may have already been collected.

- If you are in a dungeon or if you are in a facet other than Trammel, you will not find any Easter eggs.

How many eggs are spawned and when do they respawn?

There are 4 spawners, one for each type of Easter egg rarity. Currently, every 5 minutes an egg will respawn from each of the 4 types of eggs.

As for the total number of eggs spawned, there are well over 300 around Trammel. As the event starts to dwindle and approach the end, less eggs will start spawning around the world.

Also, as players collect the eggs, there will naturally be less laying about until a new one respawns. The spawners are periodically respawned to swap up the egg spots and to free any trapped eggs (See next point).

I found an egg but I can't grab it!

There are times when an egg will spawn in an unreachable location. You can try your best to find a way to reach the egg to grab it (Use teleport and CTRL + SHIFT). If you still cannot reach the egg, it's best to let it go and not waste any time trying to obtain it. There are plenty of other eggs around the world.

Spawners are periodically refreshed to reshuffle and respawn the eggs. If an egg was stuck, it will be moved to a different location. If the spawners were not refreshed, the eggs would still have decayed on the ground as part of the item decay process (Which is about 48 hours).

Staff will not move trapped eggs to a player's location. This is what the spawner refreshing process is for.

Can I trade eggs?

Yes. You are able to trade eggs to other players. If another player wishes to offer you something else for your eggs, then you are free to trade.

The Easter eggs for 2012 have tags on them, clearly indicating that they are part of the 2012 Easter event. Only trade for eggs with these tags if you are looking to obtain eggs for this year's Easter event.

If an egg has been redeemed and converted into points, the points are bound to the player that brought the egg in. These points CANNOT be transferred to another player, however, you can redeem a reward which can then be transferred to another player.

Can we save eggs/points for next year?

The eggs and collection will not be entirely the same next year. Events change with time. Some are reused and others are remade. For this Easter event, the collected eggs will be globally removed once the event is over.

Any points contributed to the community collection statue will be wiped once the statue is removed. They will not carry over next year.

Will the collection statue be removed on April 14?

No. Although the Easter eggs will stop spawning and will be globally removed shortly after the 14th of April, you have up to a week to collect your reward from the Squirrel Statue from the points you have accumulated.

The Squirrel statue with the rewards will be removed on April 21.

April 21, 2012 is the absolute final date to collect rewards with your accumulated points.

We hope everyone enjoys this year's Easter event and has a safe and happy long weekend this spring!

Signed by the AOV Developers:
Red Squirrel and Death
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News ::  Apr 07 2012 10:29:14 am  -  AOV News April 2012
Greetings AOV,

We hope everyone is doing well. Updates have been slow the last few months due to other IRL commitments/projects as well as illness (2 bad colds and food poisoning for Death, it's not even mid year!).

In the near future, the shard will be receiving some updates, provided nothing else comes up (Like another cold).

April Fool's 2012

Hope everyone enjoyed the psychedelic experience we put in for April Fools. There were plenty of crazy colors and exotic looking monsters that you may not have seen yet. For those that missed it, we can post a few screenshots.

Event Scenario and outcomes

The "Long Live the King" scenario has begun. There are several parts of the story, which can be read here:

This story is a unique addition to AOV as it will cause a chain of events which will have an effect on different areas of Sosaria.

The actual invasion that will spark everything will be coming soon to the live server. It is currently running on my local machine. It is taking a bit longer than previously thought as the invasion needs some tweaking to ensure that the good and evil sides are matched properly.

This event will begin to unfold after the Easter event.

World Chat

We have added a temporary chat replacement that works with the new save system. It is basic for now, but we will gradually expand it to offer more options.

How to use:

- You can type [c or [chat to use it.
- If you do not specify text you will get a list of options, for now it's on/off.
- If you turn it off, you will not see the chat. So if someone is annoying you or whatever you can just turn it off.
- By default, chat is turned on.

ML Named Monster Chests

ML Named creatures can drop level 6 treasure chests. This is different than OSI in that ALL named creatures have a chance to drop the chest.

The current base chance is 5% to drop a chest (All named creatures have this base chance regardless of difficulty. In the future, this will be based on difficulty).

The player luck attribute can increase the base percentage by a ratio of
(Luck:Percent Increase, 1:0.001). 1000 luck will give you an additional 1%, 2000 luck will give you an additional 2% and so on.

Another difference is the chest will have the name and color of the beast slain.


Swoop: Purple chest with Swoop's name on it
Gnaw: Blue chest with Gnaw's name on it
Szavetra: Regular colored chest with Szavetra's name on it

ML Named chests are always locked and trapped. The chest will ALWAYS contain a level 6 treasure map.

Easter Event

The Easter event has begun and will run from April 7, 2012 to April 14, 2012.

Players need to gather four different types of Easter eggs in Trammel. Higher rarities will give you more points.

Follow the acorn trail at the Yew moongate in Trammel to find the Springtime Squirrel and his squirrel statue to make your donation of Easter eggs. You can then choose from a wide range of prizes. Some of the prizes are well known while others are special for this year's Easter event.

We hope you all have a safe and happy Easter.

Stay tuned in game and on the forums for more AOV news!
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Apr 06 2012 6:02:23 pm  -  Apr 6 2012 - World chat and Easter event
* April Fool's day color and mobile/item changing script has been disabled.

* World chat has been implemented. You can type [c or [chat to use it. If you do not specify text you will get a list of options, for now it's on/off. If you turn it off, you will not see the chat. So if someone is annoying you or whatever you can just turn it off. By default, it is turned on.

* ML Named creatures can drop level 6 treasure chests. This is different than OSI in that ALL named creatures have a chance to drop the chest (Player luck attribute increases the base percentage). Another difference is the chest will have the name and color of the beast slain (For example, swoop being purple, the chest will be the same color.)

* Mobiles added for the impending Britain invasion. These will not be spawned until after the Easter event but you may start to notice preparations being made to the area.

* Easter event stuff has been added. A more official update on that to come later.
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News ::  Mar 26 2012 11:29:46 pm  -  TC1 no longer being kept online
I decided that I will be keeping the dev/test environment offline unless I am actively working on something, from now on.

This is to help cut down on the disk I/O on the host VM server in my basement. There is an issue where the host does a "soft crash" when there is too much I/O and figured may as well just keep the environment off and turn it on only when needed.

If anyone has special requests where they'd like it turned on for a specific time frame just let me know in advance and I can always turn it up on a per request basis.
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