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Age of Valor Forum Index » Patch Notes » October 15, 2017 - Champs, Fountain, Quest and Supremes
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October 15, 2017 - Champs, Fountain, Quest and Supremes
PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:18 am Reply with quote
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Greetings AOV!

It's been awhile since the last update but here's a few things to keep you busy while we work on some other additions.

Please continue to report any bugs or issues you experience and we will do our best to address and fix them up. A couple of bug fixes and additions did not make it in for this update but we have decided to release what's complete while we continue on the other stuff.

Here's a list of the newest additions and fixes for this update:

Champion Spawn Catch Up

This has been in place for awhile but we had not posted the notes for the changes:

- Scrolls of transcendence can drop from non-fel and fel champs. They pop into your pack from killing mobs. Fel champs will drop higher level scrolls.
- White candle reset timer has changed from 10 min to 1 hour, making it easier to solo with enough dedication
- Natural champ respawn is now 10-25 min
- Slice timer has been raised from 1 second to 10 seconds as to cause less load on the system
- Random t2a champ spawns can now pool from all champion spawns, including ML champs and custom champs
- Max spawn down from 250 to 200, meaning that less monsters need to be killed for each level
- Champ boss HP and stats increased to match OSI
- All champs can now drop artifacts in your pack upon death (Any facet). 30% decor, 15% shared, 5% unique drop. Luck does not impact odds, more than one drop can happen per champ kill.
- AOV custom artifacts, such as champion sashes and name items like "Semidar's Soul" or "Mephitis Fang" have been added to the standard OSI drop list
- You can still get a drop from the champion boss even if you didnt do any damage to the boss itself. This is based on doing damage to the spawn and your damage during all levels.
- Champion spawn boundaries have been individually set for each spawn, allowing better spread within the boundaries.
- There are only 3 active spawns allowed in felucca on the shard at any given time (Using valor virtue will not start it). This is for fel only champs (felucca and T2A)
- Colonel Sanders champ is now plant themed and spawns a bog thing champion. It can randomly be found in Felucca T2A or will spawn in the farmer field in Britain in Felucca.

Pieces of a Long Lost History Quest

Head on over to the Gargoyle City in Ilshenar and talk to Alec. He'll tell you about pieces of a long lost history hidden in the sands of the nearby desert.

For 1000 gold you can buy his sand sifting tray and test your luck at finding pieces of ancient relics and heirlooms. Combining 10 pieces together will reward you with a decorative item dating back to Juka or Meer history!

Be careful when sifting the sands, you might disturb some nasty desert creatures. It's also possible that they've been hanging on to some of those antiquity fragments!

Fountain of Fortune Revisions

The Fountain of Fortune in the Underworld has had its reward list updated.

The Underworld monster protection scrolls are now split up to protect against individual Underworld monsters. They also have a graphic and description when double clicked.

The fountain's reward message is now more descriptive to what prize/buff you've received.

The buff/prize list has been revised, including some new items such as the Amulet of Safeguarding.

Buffs (80% Chance)
- New rotworm scroll protects you against blood poisoning for 1 hour
- New bloodworm scroll protects you against blood poisoning and anemia for 1 hour
- New tangling roots scroll protects you against entangling for 1 hour
- +10 strength bonus for 1 hour
- +10 dexterity bonus for 1 hour
- +10 intelligence bonus for 1 hour
- If you have any of the above bonuses already when you use the fountain of fortune, you may instead have your expiry reset to 1 hour

Items (20% Chance)
- Gemologist's Satchel (Gold, contains 5-8 rare gems)
- Soles of Providence (Gold Sandals, 80 luck)
- Amulet of Safeguarding (Always contains Defense Chance Increase 5%, Hit Point Increase 5 and Luck 80. Always contains one protection bonus for creatures in the Underworld and one killer bonus for creatures in the Underworld).

- Clothing bless deeds no longer drop from the fountain of fortune

Supreme Revisions
- Supreme creatures will now spawn in Ter Mur. This means the Underworld can now spawn supreme creatures (and any other Ter Mur area once populated)
- All supreme creatures will now spawn in Abyssal Red hue (Black + red)
- Supreme creatures will spawn in with a burst of dark energy and a howl of cacophony. This is purely for effect.

Miscellaneous Fixes
- Halloween hint scrolls now have a yellow hue for the bonus as opposed to blue as it's easier to read.
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October 15, 2017 - Champs, Fountain, Quest and Supremes
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