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Age of Valor Forum Index » Patch Notes » May 13, 2018 - Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 Rewards
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May 13, 2018 - Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 Rewards
PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2018 1:20 am Reply with quote
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Put those stockpiled cherry blossom points to good use, the 2018 rewards are now live!

10 Points:
- Embroidered Pillow
- Year of the Dog status (Now available in granite, jade, bronze and bloodstone)

25 Points:
- Decorative Origami Fire, Cold, Poison and Energy Lotuses
- Carved Wooden Screen
- Dragon Brazier
- Pet Deathwatch Beetle or Pet Siamese Cat

50 Points:
- Yomotsu Warrior Costume
- Yomotsu Priest Costume
- Rune Beetle Costume
- Travesty Costume

Other Additions:

- New pillars will allow you to change the color of your Chinese zodiac statues to granite, jade, bronze or bloodstone. This works with all previously obtainable years (rooster, monkey, dog, goat, etc). The pillars are located at the Zento bank by "Mido the Sculptor"

- New fireworks vendor named "Tama" will sell you fireworks. When placed on the ground and ignited with fire, the firework will launch into the air and explode (firework color is determined by the color of the rocket). Fireworks purchased are randomized colors, black being the most common.

- Solving a cherry blossom puzzle might reward you with a firework kit. When locked down in your house, you can double click the kit to receive a randomly hued firework rocket. Charges will gradually replenish over time. As this was a late addition, the cherry blossom puzzles will remain until June 15th instead of being removed on May 31st.

Please note that the Cherry Blossom Festival will continue until May 31st, 2018 and will end on June 1st, 2018. The festival will return again on April 1, 2019
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May 13, 2018 - Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 Rewards
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