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Age of Valor Forum Index » Events » The Easter Egg Hunt Returns! April 16 - April 30th
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The Easter Egg Hunt Returns! April 16 - April 30th
PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:02 pm Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
Joined: 13 Dec 2006
Posts: 6451

The Easter egg hunt returns this year!

The event will run from April 16, 2017 to April 30, 2017. The event items will be removed on May 1, 2017

This year the eggs can be found all over Tokuno! This event takes place at the same time as the cherry blossom festival so you might even find petals to collect while searching for the eggs.

What are the prizes?

- Chocolate Easter Bunny

- Staff of Sparks (Easter themed fireworks launcher)

- Pigment Ticket (1 use)

- Easter Basket full of hot cross buns and shortbread cookies and a ham (skill deed) and lamb chop (power scroll)

- Random artifact deed (double click to get a random arty)

- Pet bonding deed (Instantly bonds a pet)

- Commemorative Easter Egg in exotic colors

- Squirrel's Acorn (Locked down in your home, summons a squirrel friend)

- Easter Bunny costume (turns you into a bunny with an exotic color)

- Springtime Robe (HPR3, Phys 5%, Cold 5%)

- Rebirth Talisman (SR2, HPR2, Luck 50, Cold 10%. Summons a pixie)

Are the eggs only found in Tokuno?

- The eggs can spawn anywhere on the main land mass as well as in Zento. This is in Tokuno only.

- The eggs WILL NOT spawn in dungeons, so do not waste time looking in any dungeons.

I've searched for hours and I haven't found a single egg

This can be due to many different scenarios. Here's a few tips:

- Hold down CTRL + SHIFT keys to pop up objects/items around you. If you notice a pop up that says 'smoke bomb' or has the word 'egg' in it, you may have possibly found an egg (Smoke bomb pops up initially as the Easter eggs use the same image. After a few seconds they will change names. Feel free to pick them up at any time though).

- Keep in mind that many other players are also searching for eggs. If you are searching in high traffic areas or in areas where players have already been, then the eggs may have already been collected.

- If you are in a dungeon or if you are in a facet other than Tokuno, you will not find any Easter eggs.

How many eggs are spawned and when do they respawn?

There are 4 spawners, one for each type of Easter egg rarity. Currently, every hour all eggs will refresh and respawn their maximum number of eggs.

As for the total number of eggs spawned, there are well over 300 around Tokuno. Unlike previous years, this is a smaller facet so it will be easier to collect. As the event starts to dwindle and approach the end, less eggs will start spawning around the world.

Also, as players collect the eggs, there will naturally be less laying about until a new one respawns. Staff will manually respawn the eggs periodically in order to swap up the egg spots and to free any trapped eggs (See next point).

I found an egg but I can't grab it!

There are times when an egg will spawn in an unreachable location. You can try your best to find a way to reach the egg to grab it (Use teleport and CTRL + SHIFT). If you still cannot reach the egg, it's best to let it go and not waste any time trying to obtain it. There are plenty of other eggs around the world.

Spawners are periodically refreshed to reshuffle and respawn the eggs. If an egg was stuck, it will be moved to a different location. If the spawners were not refreshed, the eggs would still have decayed on the ground as part of the item decay process (Which is about 48 hours).

Staff will not move trapped eggs to a player's location. This is what the spawner refreshing process is for.

Can I trade eggs? Do I need to turn them in using the same character?

Yes. You are able to trade eggs to other players. If another player wishes to offer you something else for your eggs, then you are free to trade.

If an egg has been redeemed and converted into points, the points are bound to the player that brought the egg in. These points CANNOT be transferred to another player, however, you can redeem a reward which can then be transferred to another player.

Make sure you turn in all your eggs on the SAME CHARACTER. The collection is player bound, not account bound.

Can we save eggs/points for next year?

The points accumulated towards the collection will remain. As this event is a yearly event, the points you accumulated will remain for next year. We would advise turning in your eggs at the end of the event (The collection box remains all year). That way you accumulate the points. Staff may have to globally delete the eggs in order to clean up after the event so we recommend turning your eggs in just in case.

Will the collection statue be removed on April 30th?

Although the event will end on April 30th, the collection statue will remain (This will get transported back to the city of Yew in Trammel). You can redeem your points for prizes at any time during the year, but you will have to wait until next year to collect more eggs.

We hope everyone enjoys this year's Easter event and has a safe and happy long weekend this spring!
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PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2017 3:19 am Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
Joined: 13 Dec 2006
Posts: 6451

Just a reminder that the event items will be removed on May 1, 2017 so be sure to collect those final eggs! The egg collection box will remain but will be moved to the city of Yew in Trammel after tomorrow.

Please note: Only the Easter event ends tomorrow. The cherry blossom festival will continue until the end of May.
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The Easter Egg Hunt Returns! April 16 - April 30th
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