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Phase 1: Champion Spawns
PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:19 am Reply with quote
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Greetings AOV!

It took a bit longer to get this ready for testing than originally anticipated. Some scripts were pushed for another portion of the update which caused some crashes due to a new slayer being added for goblins. This has now been resolved and testing can continue!

You can access the champion spawn testing area by logging on to Age of Valor and selecting TC1 from the list of shards.

Once on TC1, head to any town/bank and you will notice white event gates that will bring you to the champion spawn event lobby. You can also use [go eventlobby for quick navigation.

In the eventlobby area, you will notice numerous green gates. Each green gate will have a pedestal nearby that will tell you which champ it leads to. You can use these gates to easily navigate to places where champs spawn naturally (please note, many of these are in felucca).

You can use the black/red gates to quickly return back to the event lobby.

In the event lobby, you will also see a dark blue gate. This gate will take you to a champion arena, where a random champion boss will spawn. There are res ankhs and powerful weapons in the champ arena which will help you out.

Finally, the grey gate in the event lobby will take you to the champion spawn artifact museum. Each pedestal holds above it, a champion artifact that can spawn from killing the final champion bosses. If you hover over the pedestals, you will see the % chance to drop the artifact and which champ the artifact can be found on.

The drop rate is standard across the champion bosses:
- 15% chance to drop a decorative artifact (some can be found from more than one champion boss).
- 10% chance to drop a shared artifact (these can be found on 2 or more different champion bosses. Some shared artifacts can even drop from 6 different bosses!)
- 5% chance to drop a unique artifact. (these are the prized drops from champion spawns and will only be found on that specific champion boss)

What can I do to help?

The best thing you can do is play around with the champs and provide feedback. The largest point of feedback you can provide is on the new Invasive Flora champ spawn and its champion boss: Krokus. This is intended to be a comparable replacement for the Colonel Sanders/Farm spawn in terms of difficulty.

Once everything's been tested and adjustments have been made, the update will be released to AOV. The plan is to release the phases as soon as they have finished being tested and tweaked.

Testing Checklist

A lot of this is for staff to tweak but feel free to peruse the list.

- Make sure that scrolls of transcendence can drop from non-fel and fel champs
- Verify that all appropriate spawns are found in each champ
- Verify stats of all spawn
- Make sure [genchampions doesn't create another set of altars when executed again
- Make sure that deleting controller or deactivating controller doesn't crash
- Check to see if there is proper clean up/regeneration of champions. Add new locations in the script and regenerate to see if the champ altars refresh and new ones are added
- Make sure that power scrolls and skulls only drop from fel champs (including 105s)
- Make sure that candle reset timer has changed from 10 min to 1 hour
- Verify that natural champ respawn is working (10-25 min)
- Verify the slice timer has been raised from 1 second to 10 seconds as per another AOV update.
- Verify that the 'random' t2a spawn list includes the appropriate champion types
- Verify that spawn limit is not 250 but is adjusted to start at 200 for AOV (less spawn)
- Verify that all mobiles are correct for each spawn
- Verify that proper handling is done for each champ spawn (Does not linger after the champ spawn has reset/new champ has been invoked. Cannot tame creatures from champ spawns. When the shard goes down, that the champ retains a link to the mobiles to make sure that they are still counted as being part of the champ spawn)
- Check that decay rate on champion spawn corpses is sped up (They should delete at a sped up rate in order to prevent corpse clutter and lag)
- Check the [genchampions command is creating the controller and spawns correctly
- Make sure all standard and custom champion spawns and boundaries are working with [genchampions
- Test drop rate of champion artifacts (Any facet). 30% decor, 15% shared, 5% unique drop
- Verify champion drop list includes custom AOV items
- Verify that you can still get a drop from the champion boss even if you didnt do any damage to the boss itself. This is based on doing damage to the spawn and your damage during all levels.
- Verify that spawn is not too heavy in regions such as twisted weald, bedlam and labyrinth. Verify boundaries.
- Verify that there are only 3 active spawns allowed on the shard at any given time (Valor should not start it).
- Spawn remains if champ spawn goes inactive. The previous spawn should be cleared out and removed when the champ spawn goes inactive. This seems to be missing.
- It looks as though champs can go inactive, even if they are being worked. I have noticed this happen at least twice, where the altar had half a set of red candles, but the spawn went inactive and stopped spawning.
- The champ size radius seems to be too crammed in. Looks fine for twisted weald, but the other champs like T2A, that range needs to be extended.
- Sleeping Dragon spawn. Deathwatch beetles should not shoot poison on hit. They are based on an automatic timer, similar to dragon breath. Provided they have a target and are in range, they will spit poison at you (to validate OSI). Kappa acid should not stack on ground. If a pile already exists on the ground, another one should not be placed on top as this gets excessive quickly.
- Scroll of transcendence drop message is not color coded in blue like other special drops (arties, etc). Check scroll drops, champ artifacts, etc all have the color coding. Kappa acid looks to be wrong hue.
- Monsters should not be tameable in champ spawns. Also, special hues such as hiryu and cu-sidhe should not spawn in champ spawns (they are always natural hue)
- Ilhenir the stained plague spawn colors are off and they should not have red names. The bog things should also spawn with helper boglings (2-3 each)
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Phase 1: Champion Spawns
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