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Age of Valor Forum Index » News » Important info on forum email address, and UO accounts
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Important info on forum email address, and UO accounts
PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 3:22 am Reply with quote
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This is just a reminder that you should ensure that the email address you use for the forum is valid, and that you actually remember it. Ex: that it's not something random that you never use. This will be important in the near future as you will need it in order to recover your account after the forum migration. We will be migrating to a new platform and it will require a password reset as there is no way to migrate the hashed passwords over.

The new platform will also be setup a bit differently, in that your account will be managed from a separate account management system. The idea behind this is that the account will work for pretty much with any 3rd party system I setup, such as a potential wiki in the future, or UO Gateway, for submitting a shard.

Speaking of accounts, please avoid sharing UO accounts between people. This creates complications and puts you at risk. With this new account management system that is coming, UO accounts will eventually be linked to the new account management system.

Don't worry about the idea of losing ability to have more than one UO account as that will not be lost. I will work on a way to tie multiple UO accounts to the same forum account. It will most likely involve appending a digit to the end of your username when logging in to UO.

Within UO, I will provide a way to migrate accounts to your forum account. More on that will come when that is actually implemented, as I'm not sure myself how I will do it yet.

This is a project that I procrastinated a ridiculous amount on, the goal is actually to get Iceteks and Anythingforums back online, two sites that I managed way before the shard even existed.

There's more info on this thread:

The goal of the new forum will be to act as an alternate place for general discussion. Social media is kind of taking over the forum world these days but it still can't hurt to keep the forum thing going, I still think it's superior. The timing is kind of good given the whole censorship stuff going on social media these days... but let's not go there eh.

Either way my goal is to try to make the transition as smooth as possible, as I don't want to turn into EA.

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Important info on forum email address, and UO accounts
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