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Age of Valor Forum Index » Events » Cherry Blossom Festival 2019 (April 1st to May 31st)
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Cherry Blossom Festival 2019 (April 1st to May 31st)
PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 12:10 am Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
Joined: 13 Dec 2006
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The Cherry Blossom Festival returns for 2019! Festival runs from April 1st to May 31st.

If you wish to participate in the festival, head to the bank in the town of Zento on the Tokuno Islands.

During the festival season, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Festival Decorations
* Peach, magnolia, plum and cherry blossom trees are in full bloom around Tokuno
* The town of Zento is decorated for the festival. You can access the cherry blossom collection, statue pillars and cherry blossom puzzles from here.
* Tama the Fireworks Vendor will sell you firework rockets for the festival season! The color you receive will be random. Place these on the ground and ignite them with a fire spell or other flammable attack! Set off a chain reaction of fireworks by combining explosion potions or coal ore to the mix!

Treasures of Tokuno
* Increased drop rate of Treasures of Tokuno between April 1st to May 31st

Acid Slimes
* Increased sightings of acid slimes between April 1st to May 31st. One of the random top attackers will receive a bottle of pigment when the slime has been killed. The pigment will be the same color as the slime.

Cherry Blossom Puzzles
* Head to Zento and try one of the Cherry Blossom Puzzles. Win lesser Treasures of Tokuno as prizes as well as blossoms for the community collection.
* Gives a higher chance of getting Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune or the Yomotsu Elder's sleeves as a prize
* A chance to win a fireworks kit with 10 charges (recharges). Will produce a firework that you can set on the ground and launch in the air by igniting it with a fire source or fire spell. Firework color is random.
* 1 in 50 chance of getting the puzzle exclusive shadow veil mempo!

Blossom Collection
Collect different blossoms and turn them in for new prizes:

* Blossom Blaster: A black staff that works like a fireworks wand. Launches a group of fireworks into the air, with colors matching the Cherry Blossom Festival!
* Embroidered Pillow: A decorative pillow for your house
* Pink and Purple Flower Vines: Decorations for your home
* Zodiac Statue: A decorative statue celebrating the Chinese Zodiac (Currently, Year of the Pig 2019). Available in 4 different colors. You can convert this year's statues as well as previous years' statues using the colored pillars of stone at the Zento bank.
* Origami Bunnies available in 4 colors
* Origami Dragons available in 4 colors
* Origami Blossoms in a wide variety of exotic hues!
* Decorative Bamboo and Yucca: Decorative plants for your home!
* Dragon Brazier: A decorative brazier for your home! Works as a light source, double click to turn on or off
* House Pets: Place them in your home to have a companion to greet you and your visitors! Will stay within the confines of your house and cannot be damaged or killed. Can be issued commands like other tamed creatures. Pets to choose from include a crane, deathwatch beetle, dog and cat
* Costumes: Numerous costumes available of the monsters you can find around the Tokuno Islands!
* Special Bonsai: Unique colored bonsai representing one of 4 seasonal blossoming trees that can be found around Tokuno during the festival season. Will produce petals that can give you a temporary buff to your str, dex, int or stamina
* Special Stat Clothing: Clothing with unique and powerful bonuses, available in Tokuno styled clothing such as kimonos, kamishimos, obis and ninja belts!

New this year, you can collect a statue for the "Year of the Pig". There are also 2 new origami blossoms, 3 new origami bunnies and 3 new origami dragons you can collect this year!

Note: Be sure to turn your blossoms in with the same character if you are collecting points. Points are character bound, not account bound!

You can collect blossoms in the following ways:
* Killing creatures around Tokuno. Killing creatures on the main lands of Tokuno have a low chance of rewarding a random blossom in your pack (based on player luck).
* Killing monsters in the three Tokuno based dungeons (Fan Dancer's Dojo, Yomotsu Mines or the Citadel) will reward you with the greatest chance at obtaining blossoms. The type of blossoms you get improve with player luck.
* Complete the Cherry Blossom Puzzles for a chance to get blossoms as a reward
* Sometimes spawned naturally on the ground around Tokuno (Not in dungeons)
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PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2019 12:26 am Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
Joined: 13 Dec 2006
Posts: 6582

Just a reminder, there's 1 month left to participate in this month's Cherry Blossom Festival! The last day of the festival is May 31, 2019. The festival will end on June 1st, 2019.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 5:50 pm Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
Joined: 13 Dec 2006
Posts: 6582

The event has now ended for the 2019 year. You can still turn in your blossoms to the collection box at Zento bank but you will not be able to obtain new blossoms until next year.
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Cherry Blossom Festival 2019 (April 1st to May 31st)
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