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Age of Valor Forum Index » Patch Notes » Oct 4, 2018 - SQL fixes, Talismans, Navrey, Paladin Swords
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Oct 4, 2018 - SQL fixes, Talismans, Navrey, Paladin Swords
PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:54 pm Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
Joined: 13 Dec 2006
Posts: 6479

Greetings AOV!

It's been a long time since an update but a few improvements and additions have been put into production.

As always, feel free to report any issues you find or address any concerns or leave any feedback.

MySql Storage Optimizations

- Restructured the way snapshots take place, and did other misc back end enhancements to the overall system. This will mean less load on the server. This may or may not be noticeable to players but does help for the overall performance of our hosting environment.

- Added more fail safes in case of a crash during a critical moment of the save process (such as snapshots).

- The issue where a crash happened and it would delete mobiles, guilds, accounts, or items should no longer happen.

Talisman Revisions

Talismans have had extensive revisions:

- The killer and protection animal/monster bonuses on talismans have been expanded from 64 possible animals/monsters to a whopping 415! Please see the list below for which animals/monsters were included.

- The following monsters have been removed from the talisman killer/protection list: jedi, dark jedi, sith lord. These were removed as the monsters are no longer available in game to kill, they have been re-skinned to pirates instead (talismans are available for these). Existing talismans are unaffected and can be kept as rares. These mobs may be recycled for future limited time events.

- The killer property range has been changed from 10% - 100% to 1% - 100%. This was changed to keep on par with OSI values. Existing talismans are unaffected and can be kept as rares.

- The protection property range has been changed from 1% - 100% to 1% - 60%. This was changed to keep on par with OSI values and to incorporate all monsters (including bosses) while providing a protection bonus that's within reason. Existing talismans are unaffected and can be kept as rares.

Please report any animals/creatures that currently spawn in game that are missing from the list. The idea is that every creature in the game that can be attacked will have a talisman killer/protection property (town guards are an exception) eventually. Also, please let us know if the naming on the talisman is incorrect and we will make the adjustment. Due to the large number of animals/mobiles in game, it is likely that some were missed for the time being, but the list will be continuously revised as needed.

Underworld Quests, Navrey and New Loot

Several Underworld quests are now available for players to participate in.

Because we don't have standard recipe drops, some quests have been revised to drop bags of treasure instead (such as the "Bad Company" Underworld quest).

Navrey Night-Eyes is also now available to challenge. Navrey is a large spider boss that can drop artifacts and other goodies as loot. Navrey is most well known for dropping the "tangle" apron, which is the magic counterpart to the "Crimson Cincture":

Although the boss does not need to be summoned and can be freely challenged by entering her den, one would be wise to stock up on acid poppers to protect themselves from her sticky web attack. The monster's health has been drastically reduced and artifact drop chance has been drastically bumped up (Around 30% instead of 1%). If you go to fight her, please provide some feedback on the battle as we are looking to fine tune the boss encounter, her abilities and overall strength. This is intended to be comparable to a champion boss with high rewards.

Monsters in the underworld are now able to drop gargish weaponry. Although you will need a gargoyle character to use them (currently unimplemented), this will give you an opportunity to begin gathering gear for them.

Paladin Swords

Paladin swords can now be dropped as loot as well as crafted in game by a skilled blacksmith (located under the "bladed" blacksmith menu). Monsters/regions associated with the age of shadows expansion are most likely to drop them (think Malas/Doom and the Gauntlet).

In addition to being crafted, there are 3 new artifact paladin swords:

- The Redeemer: Can be obtained as a rare reward from the Fountain of Fortune in the Underworld
- Excalibur: A powerful sword, intended to smite single monsters but may also be suitable for numerous monsters. Can be retrieved in the underworld by offering a Redeemer to an order altar. Requires maximum positive karma of 15,000 (Karma is reset to 0).
- Ragnarok: A dreadful sword forecasting the end of days. This sword brings upon massive area destruction. Can be retrieved in the underworld by offering a Redeemer to a chaos altar. Requires maximum negative karma of 15,000 (Karma is reset to 0).

Dread Horn

Dread Horn no longer has the rune beetle corruption ability which reduces your resists. This has been corrected to Dread Horn's "Gaze of Despair" attack, which reduces your STR, DEX and MANA by 20 points.

As this took a long time to revise, for a limited amount of time, Dread Horn will be free to challenge in the mushroom cave without the need to gather peerless keys.

The boss is on a 4 hour respawn timer and will be removed on November 1st, 2018. After this time, players will need to gather the necessary keys for the encounter.

Miscellaneous Additions and Fixes

- The paladin sword can now be crafted using blacksmithing (listed under the "bladed" heading
- Acid poppers can be crafted by cooks (listed under the "preparations" heading) or alchemists (listed under the "explosive" heading). You will need adequate skill, eggs and congealed slug acid (from acid slugs), to make these. You can also obtain these from quests.
- The crystal demon Demitel boss has been given the proper name of "Kalvarra". This is to avoid confusion between crystal demon killer/protection on the new talismans:
- Kalvarra protection and killer property pertains to the crystal demon Demitel boss
- Crystal Daemon protection and killer property pertains to the monster in the Prism of Light

Talisman Killer/Protection List
Acid Elemental
Acid Slug
Agapite Elemental
Air Elemental
Ancient Lich
Ancient Wyrm
Ant Lion
Arcane Daemon
Arctic Ogre Lord
Bake Kitsune
Barracoon the Piper
Black Bat
Black Bear
Black Order Assasin
Black Order Grand Mage
Black Order High Executioner
Black Order Mage
Black Order Master Thief
Black Order Thief
Black Solen Infiltrator Queen
Black Solen Infiltrator Warrior
Black Solen Queen
Black Solen Warrior
Black Solen Worker
Black Unicorn
Blackthorn Juggernaut
Blood Elemental
Bog Thing
Bone Daemon
Bone Knight
Bone Magi
Bronze Elemental
Brown Bear
Chaos Daemon
Chaos Steed
Chief Paroxysmus
Chiikkaha the Toothed
Copper Elemental
Corporeal Brume
Corrosive Slime
Crystal Daemon
Crystal Elemental
Crystal Hydra
Crystal Lattice Seeker
Crystal Sea Serpent
Crystal Vortex
Crystal Wisp
Cu Sidhe
Cyclopean Warrior
Dark Father
Dark Wisp
Darknight Creeper
Deathwatch Beetle
Deathwatch Beetle Hatchling
Deep Sea Serpent
Desert Ostard
Devourer of Souls
Dire Wolf
Dread Horn
Dread Spider
Dread Squirrel
Dull Copper Elemental
Earth Elemental
Elder Gazer
Elite Ninja
Enraged Grizzly
Ethereal Warrior
Evil Healer
Evil Mage
Evil Mage Lord
Exodus Minion
Exodus Overseer
Fan Dancer
Feral Treefellow
Fetid Essence
Fire Beetle
Fire Daemon
Fire Elemental
Fire Gargoyle
Fire Steed
Flesh Golem
Flesh Renderer
Forest Ostard
Frenzied Ostard
Frost Bat
Frost Beetle
Frost Ooze
Frost Spider
Frost Troll
Gargoyle Destroyer
Gargoyle Enforcer
Gargoyle Shade
Gazer Larva
Giant Beetle
Giant Black Widow
Giant Ice Worm
Giant Rat
Giant Serpent
Giant Spider
Giant Toad
Golden Elemental
Gore Fiend
Grave Digger
Gray Goblin
Gray Goblin Keeper
Gray Goblin Mage
Great Hart
Greater Dragon
Greater Mongbat
Greater Poison Elemental
Green Goblin
Green Goblin Alchemist
Green Goblin Scout
Grey Wolf
Grimmoch Drummel
Grizzly Bear
Headless One
Hell Cat
Hell Hound
Hell Scout
Hell Steed
High Plains Boura
Holy Squirrel
Holy War Horse
Horde Minion
Ice Devil
Ice Elemental
Ice Fiend
Ice Hound
Ice Serpent
Ice Snake
Ilhenir the Stained
Insane Dryad
Interred Grizzle
Iron Beetle
Jack Rabbit
Juka Lord
Juka Mage
Juka Warrior
Kaze Kemono
Khaldun Knight
Khaldun Summoner
Lady Jennifyr
Lady Lissith
Lady Marai
Lady Melisande
Lady Of The Snow
Lady Sabrix
Lava Lizard
Lava Serpent
Lava Snake
Lesser Hiryu
Lich Lord
Lord Oaks
Lowland Boura
Lysander Gathenwale
Magma Serpent
Mantra Effervescence
Master Jonath
Master Mikael
Master Theophilus
Meer Captain
Meer Eternal
Meer Mage
Meer Warrior
Meraktus the Tormented
Minotaur Captain
Minotaur Scout
Monstrous Interred Grizzle
Morg Bergen
Mountain Goat
Navrey Night-Eyes
Neira the Necromancer
Oggra The Bruiser
Ogre Lord
Ophidian Avenger/Knight-Errant
Ophidian Matriarch
Ophidian Shaman/Apprentice Mage
Ophidian Warrior/Enforcer
Ophidian Zealot/Justicar
Orc Bomber
Orc Brute
Orc Captain
Orc Chopper
Orc Lord
Orc Mage
Orc Scout
Pack Horse
Pack Llama
Patchwork Skeleton
Phantom Asp
Plague Beast
Plague Beast Lord
Plague Spawn
Poison Elemental
Poison Ivy
Polar Bear
Rabid Squirrel
Ratman Archer
Ratman Mage
Red Death
Red Solen Infiltrator Queen
Red Solen Infiltrator Warrior
Red Solen Queen
Red Solen Warrior
Red Solen Worker
Restless Soul
Revenant Lion
Rideable Llama
Rideable Polar Bear
Rotting Corpse
Rune Beetle
Sand Vortex
Savage Rider
Savage Ridgeback
Savage Shaman
Sea Serpent
Sentinel Spider
Serado the Awakened
Serpentine Dragon
Sewer Rat
Shadow Fiend
Shadow Iron Elemental
Shadow Knight
Shadow Wisp
Shadow Wyrm
Shimmering Effusion
Silver Serpent
Silver Steed
Sir Patrick
Skeletal Dragon
Skeletal Knight
Skeletal Mage
Skittering Hopper
Snow Elemental
Snow Leopard
Spectral Armour
Stone Gargoyle
Stone Harpy
Swamp Dragon
Swamp Tentacle
Tangling Roots
Tavara Sewel
Tentacles of the Harrower
Terathan Avenger
Terathan Drone
Terathan Matriarch
Terathan Warrior
Timber Wolf
Tormented Minotaur
Tsuki Wolf
Twaulo of the Glade
Unfrozen Mummy
Valorite Elemental
Vampire Bat
Verite Elemental
Vorpal Bunny
Vorpal Chicken
Wailing Banshee
Wanderer Of The Void
Water Elemental
Whipping Vine
White Wolf
White Wyrm
Wolf Spider
Yomotsu Elder
Yomotsu Priest
Yomotsu Warrior

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:17 am Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
Joined: 13 Dec 2006
Posts: 6479

Navrey and the underworld quests and paladin sword altars have been set up.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:00 am Reply with quote
Joined: 13 Jan 2009
Posts: 902
Location: MN

Super Slayer talisman, only talisman. Very Happy

Well, that and sweet bonus stat/property talismans.

I'm trying not to even think about how many no longer spawning talismans we have lost.
Chests full of various 90-100% protect talismans, lost in various places from multiple castles decaying. Sigh.
On a very active shard housing decay is great, but after things died down around here it made it feel like a chore. One that I'd invariably forget to do eventually.
If anyone was aware of how much stuff (I'm talking mainly about property) we owned, as a guild, on Valor and how it's all or mostly gone now... It's pretty insane. And depressing. I'd pretty much consider a lot of it irreplaceable now. Crying or Very sad
In some cases because there was items you can't get anymore, but in most cases I mean because of the amount of time and group effort put into a lot of it.
Things like our sweet plant house, for efficiently farming green thorns and orange petals, that everyone helped with but Ixxie was instrumental in helping to set up and maintain.
And our carefully built and decorated guildhouse on the corner, which I loved even though it didn't have the loot like our 'warehouse' across from the rune library that had an impressive bulk AoA and other arties collection, as well as being home to my Cake collection, especially if you knew that it was like the 3rd time it had been redone after we kept losing them all to carelessness and housing decay.
And the Power Scroll collection and storage house that was to the left of the guild house where we had managed to collect extras of every +20 power scroll for display on the roof, and they had corresponding bags of spares for pretty much everything but the +20 Mining.
And the fact that as houses fell and various friends left and gave me their properties to care for or do what we wanted with them, that at one point we owned every building on both sides of the street on the South of Luna, except for the PK house on the inner south west corner, and a smattering of other buildings in town. It was just sweet seeing all the RUN signs and deco all along that street. Smile Nevermind that at the end it was pretty much 2 of us trying to maintain what looked like an entire guild neighborhood.
But I never changed anything about Trill's house that he gave me when they finally moved on. Oh, or the stone one across the street in the middle except for adding more snowmen to the collection.
He was a good example of someone we fought and killed when they first came to Valor who became a friend, like nearly everyone I had the pleasure of playing with or against at some point, unless they were totally obnoxious. And speaking of friends, even though we are barely in touch, if at all anymore, I'd still consider some Valor guildmates to be good and trusted friends who I'd gladly hang out with, in other games or IRL. Including my longest UO friend, Daelan, who I played with across many OSI servers for a number of years before losing touch with him and then bumped into him again here 10 or 15 years later. Which is still just crazy to me.

Sorry, this was never intended to be this kind of post. At first I just wanted to say something snarky about talismans. But that made me think of all the sweet talismans that we had collected and I was bummed out. And then I was downright sad thinking about all the other stuff we've lost (me in particular, I feel like it's got to be upwards of 6-10 castles by now, many filled with loot and decoration stuff, stealables, etc. And a lot more custom houses). But then I got cheered up a bit thinking about the people that made the playing worth playing.

I wish I could find one of the screenshots of people chilling in the guildhouse that I had, but they might have died in a HDD crash. Can't find one of the more recent ones that Shanks took either.

Squirrel and Death and Ony, and the friends and even the enemies, and the folks I never met who all made AoV what it is (was?), you have my heartfelt thanks.
I have no doubt that AoV has been a lot of things to a lot of people, but to a number of us it was home.

TL;DR : Love you guys.


I didn't choose the Fel life, the Fel life chose me.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:22 am Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
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ggkthx wrote:
Super Slayer talisman, only talisman. Smile

Well, that and sweet bonus stat/property talismans.

This is true, but the talisman protection and killer bonuses are a little less crap now, especially when you get that luxurious bird protection talisman, those terns are shifty.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:28 am Reply with quote
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I have chests full of talsmen, I was going threw them the other day and tossed a tonnage of lower ones I have kept.
I got a few Pally swords, I got them in wrong from the controllers.
I think I might look at pounding out a few so I can see what comes out.
Pretty sure my Blacksmith is Legendary, Pretty sure Geoff gave me the power scroll to get him to 120.

Side note bumped into someone named Johnny I think? Near T keep, most likely an admin. Pretty sure I was in Tram goofing off no idea why he ran off.
Not Everday Will Someone Make You Happy
Everyday Someone Will Piss You Off
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:02 am Reply with quote
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Location: MN

Still kind of salty about this. Sad

The protection property range has been changed from 1% - 100% to 1% - 60%.

I didn't choose the Fel life, the Fel life chose me.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:21 pm Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
Joined: 13 Dec 2006
Posts: 6479

ggkthx wrote:
Still kind of salty about this. Sad

The protection property range has been changed from 1% - 100% to 1% - 60%.

Is there a reason in particular? Existing talismans are unaffected, which would not impact any talismans that already dropped. Also, the selection has been greatly expanded to virtually every creature in game. 60% is hard capped as this also applies to bosses and champion level fights. A 100% talisman would mean 100% protection against these encounters, which would remove much of the difficulty of these encounters.

Hypothetically, if we set the limit to 80%-100% with additional rarity or boss drops only, would that be an acceptable trade-off over the hard capping of 60%?
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Oct 4, 2018 - SQL fixes, Talismans, Navrey, Paladin Swords
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