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Age of Valor Forum Index » Events » Birds of a Feather Flock Together (Thanksgiving 2011)
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Birds of a Feather Flock Together (Thanksgiving 2011)
PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:22 am Reply with quote
The Sosarian Standard
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The morning sun blessed the city of Yew with a day of sunlight. The days had grown colder, which was not unusual for the month of October. With the sun melting the frost off the autumn flowers, Alvina decided it would be a perfect day to get things done.

She placed her apple pie into the oven then went to work sweeping the sand out of her bakery. With every swish of her broom, a cloud of dust flew into the air and was taken away by the autumn breeze.

Suddenly, Alvina's attention was distracted by a loud gobbling noise. She stared in amazement as a turkey marched up towards her.

" crazy bird. What business hath you to leave the security of the forests and make your way to my bakery. You had best be leaving before my husband comes home and makes a meal out of thee! Shoo!!"

Alvina's broom tapped the backside of the turkey, but it would not depart. Instead, the bird flew up and began to peck and claw at Alvina.

"Shoo you wretched bird...what has gotten into you turkeys these days? Always want to start a fight do you?"

Alvina rushed into her bakery, slamming the door behind her as the turkey continued to claw at her wooden door.

"Well, I will have no more of that for one day", Alvina said as she removed her apple pie from the oven.

"Best not to leave it on the might attract more of those crazy birds".

Just as Alvina set the apple pie on the table in her bakery, the back door of the bakery was torn open, then quickly slammed shut. Alvina turned abruptly to see her husband doubled over, catching his breath.

"Good Heavens Donovan, you look white as a sheet." Alvira said as she rushed to her husband.

"There are turkeys everywhere out there. Small ones, large ones....." Donovan cried, still catching his breath.

"That's unusual. Must be something in the woods chasing them out to the village" replied Alvina.

"No....there is something strange about these foul birds. You can cull their numbers but they just keep multiplying. Then there are others with claws as sharp as dragon talons."

"Surely you jest, Donovan."

"No Alvina, they are the size of horses....these turkeys are not to be taken lightly. I fear what would happen if we leave the house" said Donovan.

Alvina's face turned as white as her husband's. She peered out the window of the bakery to see an army of birds tearing apart the forests of Yew.

That was enough to convince her. Quietly she drew the curtains, inched over to the door and locked it.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:29 am Reply with quote
The Sosarian Standard
AoV News Network
Joined: 22 Jun 2008
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The musty swamp air filled the nostrils of a group of fighters. Donovan had just removed his verite crafted sword from the side of a giant turkey.

"Had enough then have you, you feathery lot!" Donovan cried as the remaining turkeys flew away, leaving a trail of feathers behind them.

The fighters had all cheered, raising their pitchforks, pick axes and crude, homemade weapons in the air.

"We aren't out of the swamp yet! We must follows these birds to their nest and prevent them from reproducing another army!

Donovan pointed to the fresh trail of feathers. Quickly, he and his group followed the feathers, just as dusk approached.

They soon came to the harpy nest in Ilshenar, where a crude barricade of wood and stone had formed. Remains of harpy heads and legs were scattered everywhere.

"Looks like they've taken over the harpy nest and made it their own breeding ground. Apparently they don't want any intruders" said Donovan.

He grabbed a torch and baked his sword under the flame till it glowed red hot.

"My sword is ready for another round, let's have at them!"

The war cry sounded through the forest as the fighters tore through the barricade and into the nest. Every which way they turned, turkey heads and wings went flying.

Suddenly, an unholy howl sailed through the nest, freezing every fighter in sight.

"What ungodly noise was that?" Asked a frightened fighter.

A ruffling of feathers could be heard from the farthest nest. A gigantic turkey slowly hobbled towards them.

A fighter at the back who was chewing a strand of wheat, gawked in awe at the horrific beast. The strand of wheat fell to the ground, the wind whisked it away silently.

The turkey batted out its wings and let out a cry so cacophonous it could have been felt by a headless one. Several straw hats retired from their head warming duty, the fighters too paralyzed with fear to chase after them.

"So it was you, foul mutant bird. You're the ring leader of all this trouble. You trampled crops, killed many innocents and worst of all....made me late for dinner" Donovan quipped.

"Your chaos ends here foul bird. Let's see what match you are for a group of fighters without your turkey friends to help you!"

Donovan brandished his blade towards the bird. As the words left his lips, the giant turkey stood upright and gurgled.

A pile of eggs escaped from its backside and rolled downward to Donovan's feet. The shells flew off as tiny turkeys popped out, ready for battle, with their sharp beaks snapping furiously.
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Birds of a Feather Flock Together (Thanksgiving 2011)
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