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Age of Valor Forum Index » Suggestions » An ode to earrings
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An ode to earrings
PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:05 pm Reply with quote
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In response to the proposed 'changes' to earrings (ie, arcane earrings staying as awful as ever and being a GAoA and Tiger Teeth earrings being nerfed into oblivion) I must raise an empassioned objection on behalf of the Society of AoV Earring Lovers.

The main reason I think OSI has treated the earring slot as though it didn't exist is because they had such a long history of doing so that it was essentially too late to change anything. It's an item slot, it should do something. I think AoV completely got this right. Any server I've played on even briefly I lobbied vehemently for earrings to be treated the same as brac or ring or necklace, same as it is on AoV. I don't want to play on an 'earringless' server ever again, it's stupid. If OSI had started out with magic earrings when they had magic bracelets etc I'm sure they'd have nice earrings items too, but when they made uber special, rare, CRAPPY magic earrings and people paid through the nose for them since it was that or nothing, they were kind of stuck on the crappy earrings track for good.

A somewhat valid point was made about gargoyle item slots. I'm not entirely familiar with the difference. (Just no earrings?) If so, does it HAVE to be that way? Couldn't they have access to earrings if you wanted? If not, off the top of my head, what about a quest that would turn a pair of earrings into a belt or sash with the Gargoyles Only property?

I didn't choose the Fel life, the Fel life chose me.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:14 pm Reply with quote
AoV Administrator
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Gargoyle armor slots are a bit confusing and improperly thought out on OSI.

Basically, you have several layers that are not the same for human/elves and gargoyles. For example, a gargoyle cannot wear a hat or gloves, so they have substitute layers:

Hat -> Earrings
Gloves -> Kilt

Something like that, cannot confirm quite at this moment. Basically some of the layers are different. Another example is the cloak -> wing armor.

Some slots, such as the NORMAL earrings slot, may not be covered (I need to double check this). Sashes I believe have a gargoyle equivalent. Therefore keeping earrings as they are may have a negative impact on the gargoyle race as they may not have an equivalent slot for earrings (Gargoyle earrings are not part of the earrings slot to avoid confusion. They take over the hat slot).


human gorget ---> gargolye necklace
human gloves ---> gargoyle kilt
human helmet ---> gargoyle earrings
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:26 pm Reply with quote
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man i cant wait till this goes local
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An ode to earrings
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