[Jun 17 2021 05:18:55] Red Squirrel: Back up now
[Jun 17 2021 02:44:04] Red Squirrel: Server has been down for several hours and I'm aware of it. ISP related issues being worked on.
[Jun 01 2021 19:13:07] Death: The Cherry Blossom Festival has now ended for the year.
[Apr 12 2021 16:56:19] Death: The Easter Egg Hunt is now over for the year, but the collection statue is still available year round in Yew by the Heartwood portal (Trammel Only).
[Apr 03 2021 16:56:19] Death: The Cherry Blossom Festival and Easter Egg Hunt are now both active! Read the events section for more information.
[Mar 28 2021 16:09:26] Death: Yes, events will be turned on soon. Easter egg hunt as well as the yearly Cherry Blossom festival.
[Mar 26 2021 18:05:58] Daelan: Easter Eggy Hunt ??
[Jan 01 2021 23:04:10] Death: ...and a happy new year!
[Jan 01 2021 23:03:24] ggkthx: Happy New Year! :)
[Dec 28 2020 22:25:36] Red Squirrel: Merry Christmas!
[Dec 28 2020 08:41:27] ggkthx: Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a good weekend
[Dec 26 2020 19:26:33] Death: Merry Christmas to you as well!
[Dec 25 2020 23:51:54] Nexus Graveheart: Merry Christmas guys!
[Dec 19 2020 11:35:13] Nexus Graveheart: If anyone is interested, the black unicorn is up at the undead fortress in Ilshenar. Valor gate, through the woods east until you get to the road, then follow the road north and you'll run right into it.
[Dec 14 2020 22:04:13] ggkthx: Good times!
[Dec 14 2020 18:19:47] Shanks: man, currently at work at Uhaul and we are experiencing a nationwide outage. 0 connection to the Uhaul database no call center phone lines no websites are functioning complete blackout for Uhaul right now lol.
[Dec 14 2020 14:32:16] Shanks: I do remember I think they can literally spawn anywhere in the world and wander any distance, so you'd have to actually look and look for a long time for one lol.
[Dec 14 2020 14:21:36] Death: Yes, they should still be in the world on a single timer, I think something like 30 days. There should be a different type on each facet but they can be hard to locate. The content DB used to have information on them but think the link was taken down as the content DB was in need of some changes.
[Dec 14 2020 14:14:18] Shanks: oh wonderful I thought they were on their own spawner hahaha, that makes more sense, do you guys remember the holy war horses/necro version of them was some hell steed thing, are those still in the world?
[Dec 14 2020 11:34:01] Death: Hey Shanks, they actually are still spawning in that area but they are on a common spawner (similar to hiryu in Tokuno). You have to kill some of the scorpions, desert ostards and sand vortex to coax some more into spawning. I added some more jackals to an additional spawner and increased the range and refreshed them so you should be able to find a couple around there now.
[Dec 14 2020 09:06:29] Death: I'll have a look later on
[Dec 14 2020 00:56:45] Shanks: couldn't find the jackal spawn at all tonight looked for around. an hour, they used to spawn outside the Demi palace's refugee camp. can't seem to find them anywhere around that area at all.
[Dec 13 2020 11:40:45] Shanks: i get that packet error while using uosteam.
[Dec 09 2020 15:16:50] Red Squirrel: Where do you get that error like in the client? I've never seen client errors mentioning packets before, that's a new one I think. Are you using the client from the site?
[Dec 09 2020 13:57:09] ggkthx: Maybe this was fixed somehow? but I am there with no problems right now
[Dec 09 2020 10:43:34] Shanks: unkown packet 0xd6
[Dec 09 2020 10:43:10] Shanks: Still having issues at the casino.
[Dec 09 2020 00:56:26] Red Squirrel: Hmm added arcane circle I wonder if that's somehow causing an issue? I'll take it off to see if it clears up
[Dec 09 2020 00:48:56] Shanks: getting a packet error when going into the casino/arty area now, crashes both my steam client and my classic client not quite sure whats happening as i was in there earlier with no probelsm
[Dec 09 2020 00:31:07] Shanks: not to much of a reason to have it otherwise at this point :P
[Dec 09 2020 00:23:38] Red Squirrel: yeah seems good to me too. Glad that worked. Was worried we might have a more serious issue going on. I also shut down TC1 since it was running to maybe that was contributing too, I normally don't let it run anymore unless I'm testing stuff.
[Dec 09 2020 00:20:05] Shanks: it feels much much better now after the restart
[Dec 09 2020 00:19:28] Shanks: Jeez you're really goin old school out here hahahaha.
[Dec 09 2020 00:18:21] Red Squirrel: On good ol' windows 2008 lol. Before Windows started to suck.
[Dec 09 2020 00:17:50] Red Squirrel: Yeah fairly custom core with Mysql storage.
[Dec 09 2020 00:17:36] Red Squirrel: back up.
[Dec 09 2020 00:17:19] Shanks: you're still running on the tride and true, runuo core no?
[Dec 09 2020 00:12:44] Red Squirrel: I have it set weekly, but it only reboots the shard and not the entire OS. I am hoping this is all this issue is though... and that it's not something in the code or something. We'll find out in a bit.
[Dec 09 2020 00:05:34] Shanks: might be worth setting something up to have a daily restart time in order to make this more often to help server load if this is a problem?
[Dec 09 2020 00:04:34] Shanks: mind just posting in-game so i can run out of whatever dungeon im in?
[Dec 09 2020 00:02:31] Red Squirrel: ok I will do a restart in a bit
[Dec 08 2020 23:57:42] Shanks: a restart could definitely help, i tried pinging the home server and i dont get any return packets currently
[Dec 08 2020 23:57:26] Shanks: its very very bad
[Dec 08 2020 23:36:38] Red Squirrel: Are you guys noticing any performance issues? Might need to reboot the whole server if it's the case. I was on a while ago and it seems pretty bad but not sure if it was just me.
[Dec 08 2020 23:35:48] Red Squirrel: No I think it's only sanctuary. It's hard coded that way as that is just part of the game to have to go there to get higher level.