[May 23 2019 22:40:53] Red Squirrel: Back up. Firewall deployment was a fail. Back on original hardware.
[May 23 2019 17:03:15] Red Squirrel: Going to be messing with firewall again. Shard will not be available.
[May 23 2019 02:54:13] Red Squirrel: Server down, my IP changed since I was swapping in a new firewall (had to roll back due to issues) and just taking a while for DNS to refresh. Will check tomorrow if it's still showing as down.
[Apr 01 2019 20:12:52] Death: The Cherry Blossom Festival is now live for 2019! The festival will run from April 1st to May 31st. See the post in the events forum for additional information.
[Mar 28 2019 20:23:09] Exporian: It is sad, but it will always bring me joy to be able to log in still! I'm really glad you don't have any plans to stop it though, and I'm glad it doesn't cost you much time/money to keep it running. It is crazy, I was in probably 5th-6th grade when I started playing your server, and now I've bought a house, am about to graduate college, and have a baby due in a couple months, lol! It's amazing how much has changed.
[Mar 28 2019 12:20:54] Red Squirrel: It's crazy how long it's been though, over 10 years at this point. I was not even living in my house when I started it.
[Mar 28 2019 12:20:15] Red Squirrel: You're welcome! It's sad that it's so dead now, but it cost me nothing to keep it going and any bugs/issues that made me have to interact with it are pretty much sorted, so I just leave it run anyway. I don't really have any plans to stop either, I figure if it makes anyone happy to be able to still login once in a while then it's worth it.
[Mar 27 2019 00:05:29] Exporian: I just wanted to say that it brings me extreme joy that you are still running this server, Red Squirrel. I'm 23 years old now, and UO was one of the most memorable parts of my childhood, and this server was a very large part of that. My accounts are 4000+ days old on the server now, and I recently came back to check things out. Like I said, I'm so glad to see it still up. If you ever need some help, I wouldn't mind helping if I can as well. I am about a semester away from receiving my bachelor's in Computer Science, so I may be able to help somewhat at least if you ever need it. You're awesome, Squirrel
[Feb 06 2019 05:44:51] Daelan: Need some kind of Kill Cupid thing. Mayve make a cupid bow as a prize that if you shoot something with it it will fall in love with you for a random time. Never knowing when the beast of monster will turn back to hating you would be spiffy. Ex Oh hey look at my Zoobie Cow Wow Great newfriend Mr Skelly dragon OH no no on how could this have gone Horrabley wrong Gaahaaahhhhk ! Noooo
[Jan 12 2019 00:38:16] Red Squirrel: I just realized that I had activated the Christmas event and forgot to post about it lol. Well, it's still active. Going to leave it for a while or until I remember to turn it off. :P
[Dec 25 2018 14:06:25] Red Squirrel: Merry Christmas!
[Oct 20 2018 23:31:00] Daelan: I am backwards from you Buddy I have tons of time and less motivation. I think I have sent you my Teamspeak server If I am playing (well anything) I am on there poke me if I am in AFK I will answer if I am on I still have one or 2 Chars in Run
[Oct 17 2018 21:50:56] ggkthx: I have the motivation but WAY less time. :(
[Aug 05 2018 14:41:27] Red Squirrel: I have way more time to do stuff than I had back then, but half the motivation. :P
[Aug 05 2018 14:41:01] Red Squirrel: Yeah was just going from memory, I know it's over 10. 2006 was opening actually, crazy. We closed for about a year but yeah safe to say a good 12 years. I would have been in college.
[Aug 04 2018 15:10:14] dprantl: Nah, more than 10 years... my account is 4201 days old
[Jul 29 2018 23:47:54] Red Squirrel: Wow that's some crazy time for account age! Shard has been around for about 10 years now... pretty crazy when I think about it
[Jul 29 2018 23:47:14] Red Squirrel: Yeah seems for some reason the shard crashes now and then because it loses connection to the DB and when it does crash, it loses a bunch of tables. So basically all items, mobiles, accounts, or guilds, or combination of those.
[Jul 29 2018 23:46:36] Daelan: Thx Squirrel just looking at the age of my account I think my oldest Char is "2903" days old or 7.95 Years Meh might as well round up to 8. Came here when GGKTHX inviyed me to come play here he was someeone I played UO with from almost Beta with. First clan with him COW then also Death Jesters across every shard there was, he and I made sure noone else could use the Guild name we were in. He was Queen Metalica, I played suMYounHoe, Pking On Hokuto shard. I still love playing from time to time . THX Again Squirrel
[Jul 29 2018 23:30:21] Daelan: BAH WOOT !! My Lil Keep is there again.
[Jul 29 2018 23:29:01] Daelan: I blame Lizza and Geoff. LOL
[Jul 29 2018 23:27:55] Daelan: Yeah I love still to hop on run around kill a few things maybe a boss or two. Yeah was shocked, all houses were gone and no NPC in the towns, well some in Haven. I dropped down to just my one home in the game In fel north of Minoc Over to the west by the cave to the Lost lands. just my Lil Keep filled with all my goodies (My poor little fishes in my tanks flopping on the ground and starving for oxygen)
[Jul 29 2018 15:57:16] Red Squirrel: Ok it's back! Restored DB from Fri Jul 27 01:00:27 EDT 2018. I really need to figure out what's causing this. Like I have a very general idea, but there are actual safeguards to prevent it and it's still happening.
[Jul 29 2018 15:46:27] Red Squirrel: I really need to figure out this database issue. I don't get it, it was fine before and nothing changed, but now it seems to do this all the time.
[Jul 29 2018 15:45:30] Red Squirrel: Wait, what? that's not right. Going to check.
[Jul 29 2018 02:30:58] Daelan: Ouch all 3 accounts and chars are gone? popped in and everyones houses are gone?
[Jun 13 2018 19:33:45] Red Squirrel: We don't really have plans to spend much time coding big systems anymore, we're just keeping it running so people can still come when they want to. We may do small changes and events here and there but nothing major.
[Jun 13 2018 19:33:03] Red Squirrel: There's too much customizations, I don't want to start over. It's never going to happen, and a wipe is never going to happen either. I had posted asking what people think for fun, but have no intention on doing it.
[Jun 13 2018 17:32:07] ninja2007: Red on a serious note, im MORE then willing to get the shard updated even if we have to use start over from a New core. i have majority of it done, i dont want to be GM or anything i want to give all the people that come back and check out the shard to see if anything has happened. i mean me you and death could easily work on it and get it going again together this shard was alot of peoples home. lets try to get it updated and remake it our home again if you want you can always PM me i check periodically or just email me.
[Jun 06 2018 12:14:52] Red Squirrel: Actually it looks like we did lose network connectivity between 1:08am and 1:34am or so. Shard stayed up (no crash) but network went down.
[Jun 06 2018 12:13:10] Red Squirrel: No should be up.
[Jun 06 2018 10:19:51] Ixxie: Are we offline? :(
[May 25 2018 10:56:02] Red Squirrel: It would also be incremental so the scroll would only give you like +10 at a time
[May 25 2018 10:54:57] Red Squirrel: Yeah I would never make it unlimited, but maybe raise it to like 1,000 or something but it would be very hard to do. I'm thinking a special scroll that's only available on a rare traveling vendor or something
[May 24 2018 08:21:21] Ixxie: NO skill cap is dumb. 900ish skill cap is neat though :D
[May 01 2018 10:49:40] Red Squirrel: I do eventually want to update client but that's a huge undertaking too. There's been so many packet changes over the years. I attempted a while back and gave up. Our shard is too customized now, I can't just copy and paste stuff.
[May 01 2018 10:49:09] Red Squirrel: That's a pretty big project, I don't plan on doing that any time soon, I want to avoid big systems. Though we could perhaps add an item that is blessed which can take or dispense gold. Basically like a portable bank but just for gold.
[Apr 30 2018 22:48:33] Lumpy Pickle: i dont know why but i have so much trouble with your client but none with the others ive got 3 different versions of the game on my computer and this is the only one that gives me hell to log onto
[Apr 30 2018 22:21:33] Lumpy Pickle: yeah all the freeshards went with a ledger system the files already exist in the github or the other site with the large library
[Apr 30 2018 20:23:25] Death: Ya, OSI has account based gold. No more gold/checks, it's just added to your account total when you drop it in the bank. A client update would be required to get the trade gumps up to date to allow that.
[Apr 30 2018 18:04:01] Lumpy Pickle: i guess even osi has gone to gold ledgers is this correct and can we get it here?
[Apr 29 2018 23:28:36] Lumpy Pickle: well when you get time hit me up i got ideas ive played on every freeshard there is :) i miss aov
[Apr 29 2018 19:23:11] Lumpy Pickle: one shard has items that have between 100-350 on hp dex and int making it so you have more hit points to fight what would be impossible mobs and makes it possible but not easy and also socketing items with skills like discord parry tactics anatomy healing and such
[Apr 29 2018 19:21:05] Lumpy Pickle: im just having fun on shards with no skill cap and i wish it was here it opens up what you can do with custom mobs and drops also
[Apr 29 2018 13:07:47] Red Squirrel: There's actually some stuff I've been wanting to do, just have not really taken the time to do it. I need to do some tweaks to the storage system, mostly back end stuff. Shard keeps crashing and I keep having to restore DB.