[Jun 13 2018 19:33:45] Red Squirrel: We don't really have plans to spend much time coding big systems anymore, we're just keeping it running so people can still come when they want to. We may do small changes and events here and there but nothing major.
[Jun 13 2018 19:33:03] Red Squirrel: There's too much customizations, I don't want to start over. It's never going to happen, and a wipe is never going to happen either. I had posted asking what people think for fun, but have no intention on doing it.
[Jun 13 2018 17:32:07] ninja2007: Red on a serious note, im MORE then willing to get the shard updated even if we have to use start over from a New core. i have majority of it done, i dont want to be GM or anything i want to give all the people that come back and check out the shard to see if anything has happened. i mean me you and death could easily work on it and get it going again together this shard was alot of peoples home. lets try to get it updated and remake it our home again if you want you can always PM me i check periodically or just email me.
[Jun 06 2018 12:14:52] Red Squirrel: Actually it looks like we did lose network connectivity between 1:08am and 1:34am or so. Shard stayed up (no crash) but network went down.
[Jun 06 2018 12:13:10] Red Squirrel: No should be up.
[Jun 06 2018 10:19:51] Ixxie: Are we offline? :(
[May 25 2018 10:56:02] Red Squirrel: It would also be incremental so the scroll would only give you like +10 at a time
[May 25 2018 10:54:57] Red Squirrel: Yeah I would never make it unlimited, but maybe raise it to like 1,000 or something but it would be very hard to do. I'm thinking a special scroll that's only available on a rare traveling vendor or something
[May 24 2018 08:21:21] Ixxie: NO skill cap is dumb. 900ish skill cap is neat though :D
[May 01 2018 10:49:40] Red Squirrel: I do eventually want to update client but that's a huge undertaking too. There's been so many packet changes over the years. I attempted a while back and gave up. Our shard is too customized now, I can't just copy and paste stuff.
[May 01 2018 10:49:09] Red Squirrel: That's a pretty big project, I don't plan on doing that any time soon, I want to avoid big systems. Though we could perhaps add an item that is blessed which can take or dispense gold. Basically like a portable bank but just for gold.
[Apr 30 2018 22:48:33] Lumpy Pickle: i dont know why but i have so much trouble with your client but none with the others ive got 3 different versions of the game on my computer and this is the only one that gives me hell to log onto
[Apr 30 2018 22:21:33] Lumpy Pickle: yeah all the freeshards went with a ledger system the files already exist in the github or the other site with the large library
[Apr 30 2018 20:23:25] Death: Ya, OSI has account based gold. No more gold/checks, it's just added to your account total when you drop it in the bank. A client update would be required to get the trade gumps up to date to allow that.
[Apr 30 2018 18:04:01] Lumpy Pickle: i guess even osi has gone to gold ledgers is this correct and can we get it here?
[Apr 29 2018 23:28:36] Lumpy Pickle: well when you get time hit me up i got ideas ive played on every freeshard there is :) i miss aov
[Apr 29 2018 19:23:11] Lumpy Pickle: one shard has items that have between 100-350 on hp dex and int making it so you have more hit points to fight what would be impossible mobs and makes it possible but not easy and also socketing items with skills like discord parry tactics anatomy healing and such
[Apr 29 2018 19:21:05] Lumpy Pickle: im just having fun on shards with no skill cap and i wish it was here it opens up what you can do with custom mobs and drops also
[Apr 29 2018 13:07:47] Red Squirrel: There's actually some stuff I've been wanting to do, just have not really taken the time to do it. I need to do some tweaks to the storage system, mostly back end stuff. Shard keeps crashing and I keep having to restore DB.
[Apr 29 2018 13:06:51] Red Squirrel: Considering how dead the shard is... it's almost tempting to make a drastic change of that nature tbh.
[Apr 28 2018 16:33:06] Lumpy Pickle: squirrel unlimited skill cap ??? ehhh is it time?
[Feb 17 2018 21:40:37] Red Squirrel: Haha yeah there's lot of stuff that I always found annoying too when I played, which is why I fixed it here. :P Lot of admin/GM stuff too... like some commands and what not. Even simple stuff, like being able to use [link to link teleporters and moongates together.
[Feb 17 2018 21:09:03] ggkthx: I can't think of anything specific right now, but we were playing somewhere else and I kept asking him "Does X work like this or is that just on Valor?" and it was always "no, its shitty here, that was just on Valor." Damn it.
[Feb 17 2018 21:06:41] ggkthx: There's so many UO mechanics that are tedious and stupid that are better here. And the custom items (and mobs) make AOV a lot better/more fun than vanilla UO.
[Feb 17 2018 20:36:13] Death: That's great to hear. What in particular brings you back to AOV specifically?
[Feb 15 2018 17:09:28] Shanks: yeah more and more i play other servers and i find myself back here. i swear i make new accounts everytime i come back just to get that UO experience lol.
[Feb 14 2018 02:56:25] ggkthx: :( This remains by far the best UO server I've ever played on, but with a ton of other games to play, etc, no real time or motivation to play on it by myself
[Dec 16 2017 20:17:51] Death: An corp?
[Dec 16 2017 04:37:43] Red Squirrel: This place sure has died in past few months.
[Nov 09 2017 16:51:51] Lumpy Pickle: razor and steam both have the same option
[Nov 09 2017 11:51:56] dprantl: You are using razor though right? You're sure Razor is pointing to the client install on the flash drive?
[Nov 06 2017 23:51:28] Lumpy Pickle: i completly isolated your shard on the flash drive and the other is on the external hard drive
[Nov 06 2017 23:49:55] Death: Ya, house signs everywhere might be indicative of client mismatching. Try running around on a safe facet like Malas around luna to see if you hit any invisible walls or see things that are really out of place. The mounts look to be custom, possibly from another shard you played. My guess is you aren't pointed to the correct anim.mul/anim.def files for AOV.
[Nov 06 2017 21:42:57] Lumpy Pickle: posted a screen shot in general
[Nov 06 2017 21:33:28] Lumpy Pickle: and i know where one of the errors came from ive had 2-3 different uoshards games listed pretty much for 3 yrs and for some reason its using them for uovalor the files are different on some of it like my hyru looks like a wow mount
[Nov 06 2017 21:24:44] Lumpy Pickle: there are some errors things that look out of place and house sign posts everywhere!
[Nov 06 2017 21:22:19] Lumpy Pickle: it worked!!!
[Nov 06 2017 21:19:41] Lumpy Pickle: how big is the game would it fit on a 15 gb flash?
[Nov 06 2017 21:00:26] Lumpy Pickle: working on getting another laptop prolly a chromebook or something for uo since its only 16bit
[Nov 05 2017 00:04:04] Red Squirrel: That's eventually going to happen but for now you can use the one that's provided. Even when we do update you will still need to use the one we provide. Keeping up with EA's packet changes is a full time job that I chose not to get back into. I do want to update just so the new content can be in though but I don't plan to keep doing it every time EA does an update.
[Nov 04 2017 19:05:45] ninja2007: its crazy when people still look on here for a update so we can play on the newset client lmao
[Nov 01 2017 09:59:59] dprantl: Maybe post an md5 sum with it?
[Nov 01 2017 00:12:59] Red Squirrel: Are you downloading it from the site? I will have to test it again in a VM to make sure but pretty sure I've tested it before and it worked fine. There is an odd chance that maybe a file in it is corrupt but I don't think so...
[Oct 29 2017 19:51:49] Death: Hey Lumpy. Only thing I can suggest is to make sure your client is and make sure that you are running razor and UO as the administrator. Maybe give that one a try. Also, is it just one of your characters when you try to log in or all of them? What point does it crash on you?
[Oct 29 2017 13:26:06] Lumpy Pickle: path of exile works just fine