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May 13, 2018 - Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 Rewards
Using squirrels to pull out teeth
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Welcome to Age of Valor! We are an Ultima Online free shard that has been running since 2006 featuring lot of advanced custom content which aims to provide a fun and balanced UO gaming experience. While we do have lot of custom content, we do our best to ensure it is balanced and similar to what you would find on an official server. We may be small but we have a great uptime and reliability track record. Check out our forums and features page to learn more about our shard.

Server host is, port 1337. See connection instructions here.

News ::  Nov 18 2019 2:38:17 pm  -  [Nov 18 2019] - Service degradation - [solved]
There seems to be a weird issue with the database server. I'm at work with some access but can't really dedicate too much effort but basically it failed. The shard is still running but if there happens to be any kind of reboot it will revert to about 5 minutes before this post.

Going to look at it further when I get home. Some script went haywire and started to fill the disk space so I think it's related.

You can still login and play but keep in mind there is a chance of revert if it happens to crash for any reason.
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Event ::  Apr 01 2019 8:10:10 pm  -  Cherry Blossom Festival 2019 (April 1st to May 31st)
The Cherry Blossom Festival returns for 2019! Festival runs from April 1st to May 31st.

If you wish to participate in the festival, head to the bank in the town of Zento on the Tokuno Islands.

During the festival season, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Festival Decorations
* Peach, magnolia, plum and cherry blossom trees are in full bloom around Tokuno
* The town of Zento is decorated for the festival. You can access the cherry blossom collection, statue pillars and cherry blossom puzzles from here.
* Tama the Fireworks Vendor will sell you firework rockets for the festival season! The color you receive will be random. Place these on the ground and ignite them with a fire spell or other flammable attack! Set off a chain reaction of fireworks by combining explosion potions or coal ore to the mix!

Treasures of Tokuno
* Increased drop rate of Treasures of Tokuno between April 1st to May 31st

Acid Slimes
* Increased sightings of acid slimes between April 1st to May 31st. One of the random top attackers will receive a bottle of pigment when the slime has been killed. The pigment will be the same color as the slime.

Cherry Blossom Puzzles
* Head to Zento and try one of the Cherry Blossom Puzzles. Win lesser Treasures of Tokuno as prizes as well as blossoms for the community collection.
* Gives a higher chance of getting Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune or the Yomotsu Elder's sleeves as a prize
* A chance to win a fireworks kit with 10 charges (recharges). Will produce a firework that you can set on the ground and launch in the air by igniting it with a fire source or fire spell. Firework color is random.
* 1 in 50 chance of getting the puzzle exclusive shadow veil mempo!

Blossom Collection
Collect different blossoms and turn them in for new prizes:

* Blossom Blaster: A black staff that works like a fireworks wand. Launches a group of fireworks into the air, with colors matching the Cherry Blossom Festival!
* Embroidered Pillow: A decorative pillow for your house
* Pink and Purple Flower Vines: Decorations for your home
* Zodiac Statue: A decorative statue celebrating the Chinese Zodiac (Currently, Year of the Pig 2019). Available in 4 different colors. You can convert this year's statues as well as previous years' statues using the colored pillars of stone at the Zento bank.
* Origami Bunnies available in 4 colors
* Origami Dragons available in 4 colors
* Origami Blossoms in a wide variety of exotic hues!
* Decorative Bamboo and Yucca: Decorative plants for your home!
* Dragon Brazier: A decorative brazier for your home! Works as a light source, double click to turn on or off
* House Pets: Place them in your home to have a companion to greet you and your visitors! Will stay within the confines of your house and cannot be damaged or killed. Can be issued commands like other tamed creatures. Pets to choose from include a crane, deathwatch beetle, dog and cat
* Costumes: Numerous costumes available of the monsters you can find around the Tokuno Islands!
* Special Bonsai: Unique colored bonsai representing one of 4 seasonal blossoming trees that can be found around Tokuno during the festival season. Will produce petals that can give you a temporary buff to your str, dex, int or stamina
* Special Stat Clothing: Clothing with unique and powerful bonuses, available in Tokuno styled clothing such as kimonos, kamishimos, obis and ninja belts!

New this year, you can collect a statue for the "Year of the Pig". There are also 2 new origami blossoms, 3 new origami bunnies and 3 new origami dragons you can collect this year!

Note: Be sure to turn your blossoms in with the same character if you are collecting points. Points are character bound, not account bound!

You can collect blossoms in the following ways:
* Killing creatures around Tokuno. Killing creatures on the main lands of Tokuno have a low chance of rewarding a random blossom in your pack (based on player luck).
* Killing monsters in the three Tokuno based dungeons (Fan Dancer's Dojo, Yomotsu Mines or the Citadel) will reward you with the greatest chance at obtaining blossoms. The type of blossoms you get improve with player luck.
* Complete the Cherry Blossom Puzzles for a chance to get blossoms as a reward
* Sometimes spawned naturally on the ground around Tokuno (Not in dungeons)
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Event ::  Oct 14 2018 2:46:49 pm  -  Free Dreadhorn Battle - Available until November 1st, 2018
Just a reminder in case you may have missed the entry in the patch notes. Dreadhorn's abilities have been fixed and his gaze of despair attack now properly reduces your STR, DEX and INT instead of acting like the rune beetle's armor corruption ability.

As this took awhile before the patch hit the server, Dreadhorn will freely spawn in the mushroom cave outside of the Twisted Weald. Dreadhorn will be available to challenge up until November 1st, 2018, after which time, you will need to collect the necessary keys in the Twisted Weald.

Dreadhorn's respawn timer is 4 hours.
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Event ::  Oct 06 2018 6:15:57 pm  -  Canadian Thanksgiving 2018
Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all Canadian players!

You can once again find the turkeys in Ilshenar. Help rid us of these voracious birds!

This event will run between October 6th - October 31st

Please report any issues or concerns you may have and we will do our best to address them.

There are 5 different kinds of turkeys

Lesser Turkey
These smaller turkeys show "a turkey" above their names. They don't have much health and are not much of a threat. These are the most common of all the turkeys. You may be able to find bronze and silver roulette tokens on their corpses.

Turkey Leader
Beware! These turkeys look just like the lesser turkeys, that is, until they are killed. These turkeys will burst into multiple copies of themselves, posing more of a threat than lesser turkeys. You can quickly get overrun if you aren't careful. These turkeys can also drop bronze and silver roulette tokens on their corpse with a better success rate than the lesser turkeys. They also have more loot on their corpses.

Giant Turkey
These giant turkeys are the strongest of the regular turkeys in the turkey clan. They have a lot of health and are strong fighters. Killing one will always reward a roulette token or horn of plenty (goes directly in your pack). Tokens range in rarity from the bronze token to the highly valuable platinum token!

Turkey Minion
An annoying minion summoned by Grosse Giblet's eggs. Although these are relatively weak, they do have a pecking ability that can cause continuous damage, disrupting spell casting.

Grosse Giblets the Huge
The big boss of all the turkeys! This turkey is no joke. Grosse Giblets have tons of health and nasty abilities. It will take a long time to take one of these down but you can get some unique rewards from it:

Special Drops (Off Grosse Giblet. Horn of Plenty also drops on Giant Turkeys)

Abominable Wishbone:
A scepter with spell channeling (no penalty), faster casting 1, mage weapon -0 and weapon damage 35%

Tuft of Feathers:
A wooden kite shield with spell challenging (no penalty), defense chance increase 5%, lower requirements 100%, reflect physical damage 5% and 15% physical resist

Horn of Plenty:
A decorative lockdown themed for Thanksgiving. Locking it down in your house and double clicking it will give you all kinds of edibles such as ears of corn, french bread, squash, pumpkins and a cooked bird.

Gravy Boat:
A boat shaped vessel to hold your gravy!
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Oct 04 2018 2:54:22 pm  -  Oct 4, 2018 - SQL fixes, Talismans, Navrey, Paladin Swords
Greetings AOV!

It's been a long time since an update but a few improvements and additions have been put into production.

As always, feel free to report any issues you find or address any concerns or leave any feedback.

MySql Storage Optimizations

- Restructured the way snapshots take place, and did other misc back end enhancements to the overall system. This will mean less load on the server. This may or may not be noticeable to players but does help for the overall performance of our hosting environment.

- Added more fail safes in case of a crash during a critical moment of the save process (such as snapshots).

- The issue where a crash happened and it would delete mobiles, guilds, accounts, or items should no longer happen.

Talisman Revisions

Talismans have had extensive revisions:

- The killer and protection animal/monster bonuses on talismans have been expanded from 64 possible animals/monsters to a whopping 415! Please see the list below for which animals/monsters were included.

- The following monsters have been removed from the talisman killer/protection list: jedi, dark jedi, sith lord. These were removed as the monsters are no longer available in game to kill, they have been re-skinned to pirates instead (talismans are available for these). Existing talismans are unaffected and can be kept as rares. These mobs may be recycled for future limited time events.

- The killer property range has been changed from 10% - 100% to 1% - 100%. This was changed to keep on par with OSI values. Existing talismans are unaffected and can be kept as rares.

- The protection property range has been changed from 1% - 100% to 1% - 60%. This was changed to keep on par with OSI values and to incorporate all monsters (including bosses) while providing a protection bonus that's within reason. Existing talismans are unaffected and can be kept as rares.

Please report any animals/creatures that currently spawn in game that are missing from the list. The idea is that every creature in the game that can be attacked will have a talisman killer/protection property (town guards are an exception) eventually. Also, please let us know if the naming on the talisman is incorrect and we will make the adjustment. Due to the large number of animals/mobiles in game, it is likely that some were missed for the time being, but the list will be continuously revised as needed.

Underworld Quests, Navrey and New Loot

Several Underworld quests are now available for players to participate in.

Because we don't have standard recipe drops, some quests have been revised to drop bags of treasure instead (such as the "Bad Company" Underworld quest).

Navrey Night-Eyes is also now available to challenge. Navrey is a large spider boss that can drop artifacts and other goodies as loot. Navrey is most well known for dropping the "tangle" apron, which is the magic counterpart to the "Crimson Cincture":

Although the boss does not need to be summoned and can be freely challenged by entering her den, one would be wise to stock up on acid poppers to protect themselves from her sticky web attack. The monster's health has been drastically reduced and artifact drop chance has been drastically bumped up (Around 30% instead of 1%). If you go to fight her, please provide some feedback on the battle as we are looking to fine tune the boss encounter, her abilities and overall strength. This is intended to be comparable to a champion boss with high rewards.

Monsters in the underworld are now able to drop gargish weaponry. Although you will need a gargoyle character to use them (currently unimplemented), this will give you an opportunity to begin gathering gear for them.

Paladin Swords

Paladin swords can now be dropped as loot as well as crafted in game by a skilled blacksmith (located under the "bladed" blacksmith menu). Monsters/regions associated with the age of shadows expansion are most likely to drop them (think Malas/Doom and the Gauntlet).

In addition to being crafted, there are 3 new artifact paladin swords:

- The Redeemer: Can be obtained as a rare reward from the Fountain of Fortune in the Underworld
- Excalibur: A powerful sword, intended to smite single monsters but may also be suitable for numerous monsters. Can be retrieved in the underworld by offering a Redeemer to an order altar. Requires maximum positive karma of 15,000 (Karma is reset to 0).
- Ragnarok: A dreadful sword forecasting the end of days. This sword brings upon massive area destruction. Can be retrieved in the underworld by offering a Redeemer to a chaos altar. Requires maximum negative karma of 15,000 (Karma is reset to 0).

Dread Horn

Dread Horn no longer has the rune beetle corruption ability which reduces your resists. This has been corrected to Dread Horn's "Gaze of Despair" attack, which reduces your STR, DEX and MANA by 20 points.

As this took a long time to revise, for a limited amount of time, Dread Horn will be free to challenge in the mushroom cave without the need to gather peerless keys.

The boss is on a 4 hour respawn timer and will be removed on November 1st, 2018. After this time, players will need to gather the necessary keys for the encounter.

Miscellaneous Additions and Fixes

- The paladin sword can now be crafted using blacksmithing (listed under the "bladed" heading
- Acid poppers can be crafted by cooks (listed under the "preparations" heading) or alchemists (listed under the "explosive" heading). You will need adequate skill, eggs and congealed slug acid (from acid slugs), to make these. You can also obtain these from quests.
- The crystal demon Demitel boss has been given the proper name of "Kalvarra". This is to avoid confusion between crystal demon killer/protection on the new talismans:
- Kalvarra protection and killer property pertains to the crystal demon Demitel boss
- Crystal Daemon protection and killer property pertains to the monster in the Prism of Light

Talisman Killer/Protection List
Acid Elemental
Acid Slug
Agapite Elemental
Air Elemental
Ancient Lich
Ancient Wyrm
Ant Lion
Arcane Daemon
Arctic Ogre Lord
Bake Kitsune
Barracoon the Piper
Black Bat
Black Bear
Black Order Assasin
Black Order Grand Mage
Black Order High Executioner
Black Order Mage
Black Order Master Thief
Black Order Thief
Black Solen Infiltrator Queen
Black Solen Infiltrator Warrior
Black Solen Queen
Black Solen Warrior
Black Solen Worker
Black Unicorn
Blackthorn Juggernaut
Blood Elemental
Bog Thing
Bone Daemon
Bone Knight
Bone Magi
Bronze Elemental
Brown Bear
Chaos Daemon
Chaos Steed
Chief Paroxysmus
Chiikkaha the Toothed
Copper Elemental
Corporeal Brume
Corrosive Slime
Crystal Daemon
Crystal Elemental
Crystal Hydra
Crystal Lattice Seeker
Crystal Sea Serpent
Crystal Vortex
Crystal Wisp
Cu Sidhe
Cyclopean Warrior
Dark Father
Dark Wisp
Darknight Creeper
Deathwatch Beetle
Deathwatch Beetle Hatchling
Deep Sea Serpent
Desert Ostard
Devourer of Souls
Dire Wolf
Dread Horn
Dread Spider
Dread Squirrel
Dull Copper Elemental
Earth Elemental
Elder Gazer
Elite Ninja
Enraged Grizzly
Ethereal Warrior
Evil Healer
Evil Mage
Evil Mage Lord
Exodus Minion
Exodus Overseer
Fan Dancer
Feral Treefellow
Fetid Essence
Fire Beetle
Fire Daemon
Fire Elemental
Fire Gargoyle
Fire Steed
Flesh Golem
Flesh Renderer
Forest Ostard
Frenzied Ostard
Frost Bat
Frost Beetle
Frost Ooze
Frost Spider
Frost Troll
Gargoyle Destroyer
Gargoyle Enforcer
Gargoyle Shade
Gazer Larva
Giant Beetle
Giant Black Widow
Giant Ice Worm
Giant Rat
Giant Serpent
Giant Spider
Giant Toad
Golden Elemental
Gore Fiend
Grave Digger
Gray Goblin
Gray Goblin Keeper
Gray Goblin Mage
Great Hart
Greater Dragon
Greater Mongbat
Greater Poison Elemental
Green Goblin
Green Goblin Alchemist
Green Goblin Scout
Grey Wolf
Grimmoch Drummel
Grizzly Bear
Headless One
Hell Cat
Hell Hound
Hell Scout
Hell Steed
High Plains Boura
Holy Squirrel
Holy War Horse
Horde Minion
Ice Devil
Ice Elemental
Ice Fiend
Ice Hound
Ice Serpent
Ice Snake
Ilhenir the Stained
Insane Dryad
Interred Grizzle
Iron Beetle
Jack Rabbit
Juka Lord
Juka Mage
Juka Warrior
Kaze Kemono
Khaldun Knight
Khaldun Summoner
Lady Jennifyr
Lady Lissith
Lady Marai
Lady Melisande
Lady Of The Snow
Lady Sabrix
Lava Lizard
Lava Serpent
Lava Snake
Lesser Hiryu
Lich Lord
Lord Oaks
Lowland Boura
Lysander Gathenwale
Magma Serpent
Mantra Effervescence
Master Jonath
Master Mikael
Master Theophilus
Meer Captain
Meer Eternal
Meer Mage
Meer Warrior
Meraktus the Tormented
Minotaur Captain
Minotaur Scout
Monstrous Interred Grizzle
Morg Bergen
Mountain Goat
Navrey Night-Eyes
Neira the Necromancer
Oggra The Bruiser
Ogre Lord
Ophidian Avenger/Knight-Errant
Ophidian Matriarch
Ophidian Shaman/Apprentice Mage
Ophidian Warrior/Enforcer
Ophidian Zealot/Justicar
Orc Bomber
Orc Brute
Orc Captain
Orc Chopper
Orc Lord
Orc Mage
Orc Scout
Pack Horse
Pack Llama
Patchwork Skeleton
Phantom Asp
Plague Beast
Plague Beast Lord
Plague Spawn
Poison Elemental
Poison Ivy
Polar Bear
Rabid Squirrel
Ratman Archer
Ratman Mage
Red Death
Red Solen Infiltrator Queen
Red Solen Infiltrator Warrior
Red Solen Queen
Red Solen Warrior
Red Solen Worker
Restless Soul
Revenant Lion
Rideable Llama
Rideable Polar Bear
Rotting Corpse
Rune Beetle
Sand Vortex
Savage Rider
Savage Ridgeback
Savage Shaman
Sea Serpent
Sentinel Spider
Serado the Awakened
Serpentine Dragon
Sewer Rat
Shadow Fiend
Shadow Iron Elemental
Shadow Knight
Shadow Wisp
Shadow Wyrm
Shimmering Effusion
Silver Serpent
Silver Steed
Sir Patrick
Skeletal Dragon
Skeletal Knight
Skeletal Mage
Skittering Hopper
Snow Elemental
Snow Leopard
Spectral Armour
Stone Gargoyle
Stone Harpy
Swamp Dragon
Swamp Tentacle
Tangling Roots
Tavara Sewel
Tentacles of the Harrower
Terathan Avenger
Terathan Drone
Terathan Matriarch
Terathan Warrior
Timber Wolf
Tormented Minotaur
Tsuki Wolf
Twaulo of the Glade
Unfrozen Mummy
Valorite Elemental
Vampire Bat
Verite Elemental
Vorpal Bunny
Vorpal Chicken
Wailing Banshee
Wanderer Of The Void
Water Elemental
Whipping Vine
White Wolf
White Wyrm
Wolf Spider
Yomotsu Elder
Yomotsu Priest
Yomotsu Warrior
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Event ::  Oct 02 2018 11:40:10 am  -  Halloween 2018
Greetings AOV!

It's Halloween season, which means that Wormwood is accessible to players once again!

You can find white event gates to the Halloween event at various town banks.

Please report any issues or concerns you may have.

Over 30 quests to take part in for unique rewards!

Candy Collection
Collect candy from completing quests. Candy can be eaten, put down in your house as decoration, or used in quests for better rewards!

Costume Collection
Collect toadstools for Grunilda to help her decorate her house. Turn in enough toadstools and claim a costume as a prize!

Frog Quest
Can you find Helga's 5 missing frogs? Grab a shrinking staff and set out to find them. Maybe some of the other witches and warlocks can provide you with hints to their location.

Hint Scrolls
Some quests will reward you with hint scrolls. In addition to providing you with some useful knowledge and tips, some provide you with a bonus against boss abilities or allow you to access new locations!


Complete certain quests to gain haunted house keys as a reward. These keys will allow you infinite access to fight the following bosses (Bosses respawn approximately every 15 minutes once killed).

Bosses will always drop one of the following, provided you have done enough damage for loot rights:

60% Chance to drop a special toadstool for Grunilda's costume collection
20% Chance to drop a special Halloween colored dye (Boss specific)
15% Chance to drop special Halloween decor (Boss specific)
5% Chance to drop an artifact from the Conjurer's set (Boss specific)

Ethel the Deranged Witch

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Green Dye (5 Charges)
- Black Cat Statuette, Halloween Ghoul Statuette or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Grimoire (Spellbook: Undead Slayer, Magery +15, INT 8, SDI 15, LMC 10)

Pumpkin King

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Orange Dye (5 Charges)
- Carved Pumpkin or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Trinket (Talisman: Undead Slayer, STR 1, HPR 2, HCI 10, DI 20)

Herpekitus the Plant Monster

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Red Dye (5 Charges)
- Dark Tree or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Garb (Robe: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)

Sorceress of the Night

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Purple Dye (5 Charges)
- Ruined Tapestry, Pumpkin Scarecrow or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Sandals (Sandals: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)

Malevolent the Reaper

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Black Dye (5 Charges)
- Grim Warning, Skulls on a Pike or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Sash (Sash: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)
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Sep 12 2018 12:10:02 am  -  Sept 11 2018 - SQL optimizations on TC1
I have done some optimization on the SQL storage system on TC1, I encourage everyone to check and make sure all their items and such are as expected, as of today's backup date.

Looking for anything completely abnormal like say, a missing player backpack, or pets that are stabled and completely gone, missing accounts/characters etc. Before reporting do compare with live though. Keep in mind any changes done to live from this point on won't reflect TC1. So individual item losses can probably be dismissed as not being fully up to date with live or w/e but anything really bizarre then I'll look into.

I really do not expect there to be any issues but I will leave these changes running for a while just to make extra sure. At some point I will do some more stress testing in dev as well.

The changes involved optimizing how snapshots happen and it required a bit of table restructuring, but the actual saves and loads are more or less the same.
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News ::  Jul 10 2018 10:55:39 am  -  Shard down due to power outage [back up]
Power went out this morning and backup batteries ran out and my whole rack dropped hard. I'm at work so can't do anything. I'm hoping nothing got damaged in the process and will hopefully be able to bring it back up either at lunch or tonight.

EDIT: Second power outage in evening. Going down again.
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Jul 01 2018 6:30:52 pm  -  July 1 2018 - House decay timer changed
Due to lower population and activity I decided it was only fair to increase the house decay timer from 90 days to 500 days.

This is also a reminder that in order to refresh a house it requires more than just logging in. You do need to play a bit. You can do anything like go kill a few mobs or run a few quests or something, as long as you're somewhat active for a short while. I think a lot of people have been caught with that. The idea is to make it a tad harder to just hold on to a plot and not actually play.

I do have plans in the future to revisit this system but simply changing a number in the code was a quick fix. Wink

Happy Canada Day!
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May 13 2018 9:20:12 pm  -  May 13, 2018 - Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 Rewards
Put those stockpiled cherry blossom points to good use, the 2018 rewards are now live!

10 Points:
- Embroidered Pillow
- Year of the Dog status (Now available in granite, jade, bronze and bloodstone)

25 Points:
- Decorative Origami Fire, Cold, Poison and Energy Lotuses
- Carved Wooden Screen
- Dragon Brazier
- Pet Deathwatch Beetle or Pet Siamese Cat

50 Points:
- Yomotsu Warrior Costume
- Yomotsu Priest Costume
- Rune Beetle Costume
- Travesty Costume

Other Additions:

- New pillars will allow you to change the color of your Chinese zodiac statues to granite, jade, bronze or bloodstone. This works with all previously obtainable years (rooster, monkey, dog, goat, etc). The pillars are located at the Zento bank by "Mido the Sculptor"

- New fireworks vendor named "Tama" will sell you fireworks. When placed on the ground and ignited with fire, the firework will launch into the air and explode (firework color is determined by the color of the rocket). Fireworks purchased are randomized colors, black being the most common.

- Solving a cherry blossom puzzle might reward you with a firework kit. When locked down in your house, you can double click the kit to receive a randomly hued firework rocket. Charges will gradually replenish over time. As this was a late addition, the cherry blossom puzzles will remain until June 15th instead of being removed on May 31st.

Please note that the Cherry Blossom Festival will continue until May 31st, 2018 and will end on June 1st, 2018. The festival will return again on April 1, 2019
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